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  • Spicy Box

    Golden crispy chicken, chips and chicken wings wok fried with garlic, onion, carrot, pepper, chili & salt Hot

    € 10.80

  • Chicken Sweetcorn Soup

    A creamy soup with chicken & sweetcorn in it.  Contains: Eggs Gluten.

    € 6.50

  • Dumpling Soup

    This is a bouillon-like soup, containing delicate dumplings that are filled with ground chicken & prawns, which has a lot of juicy flavor in it.  Contains: Gluten.

    € 7.50

  • Chicken Dumpling

    Little fried wrappers are filled with juice grand fresh chicken & vegetable, deep fried till golden served with soy sauce.  Contains: Gluten.

    € 8.40

  • Spring Roll

    Golden crispy paste filled with roast pork, ham and stir-fried veg, served with sweet & chilli sauce.  Contains: Gluten.

    € 7.20

  • Fillet Chicken Curry Samosa

    Hot crispy triangle samosa with chicken and stir-fried veg filling in a rich curry flavor, Served with curry sauce.  Contains: Gluten Wheat.

    € 7.70

  • Fillet Chicken Cheese Roll

    A crispy cheesy roll that is filled with tender chicken & cheddar cheese, served with sweet & chilli sauce. Contains: Gluten.

    € 7.80

  • Sesame Prawn Toast

    Crispy bread coasted with ground prawn and sesame seeds, served with sweet & chilli sauce.  Contains: Crustaceans Gluten

    € 10.80

  • Skewered Chicken in Satay Sauce

    Breast of chicken marinated with gourmet inn special seasoning, served with savory peanut satay sauce. Contains: Peanut Gluten Nuts

    € 9.20

  • Gourmet Inn Chicken Wings

    Bread crumbed wings with sweet honey dressing or salt chilli style.  Spicy Contains: Eggs Gluten

    € 8.70

The Bites

  • Gourmet Inn Selection Platter A for 1

    Chicken cheese roll x1, skewered chicken x1, chicken ball x2, served with sweet chilli sauce Mild Contains: Crustaceans Peanut Gluten Nuts

    € 8.60

  • Gourmet Inn Selection Platter B for 2

    Spring roll x2, skewered chicken x2, chicken wings x4, wonton x4, served with sweet chilli sauce Mild Contains: Crustaceans Eggs Gluten Nuts

    € 17.80

  • Salt and chilli Crispy Chicken

    Crispy shredded chicken wok fried with garlic, scallion, onion, pepper & carrot garnished with cooking wine.  Spicy Contains: Eggs Gluten

    € 10.30

  • Gourmet Inn Meaty Ribs

    Slow-cooked seasoning ribs melt in the mouth with choice of BBQ sauce, sweet honey dressing or salt & chilli style.  Contains: Gluten

    € 10.40

  • Yuk Sung for 2 Served with Iceberg Lettuce

    It is called Chinese lettuce wraps, it is wrapped up with stir fried chicken, veg & nuts garnished with cooking wine.  Contains: Peanut

    € 14.90

  • Aromatic Duck

    This specialty duck is first marinated with chef special made spices then steamed until tender and finally Deep fried until crispy, served with pancake, veg & hoi sin sauce.  Contains: Gluten

    from € 15.80

  • Curry wrappo

    Golden crispy pastry filled in breast chicken curry and rice service with curry dip .

    € 9.80

Wok Fried Dishes

  • Oriental Curry Dishes

    Our specific curry sauce is made from a combination of both dry and fresh ingredients, slow cooked with coconut milk, onion & mushroom peas.  Spicy Contains: Crustaceans Gluten Wheat

    from € 13.60

  • Thai Green Curry Dishes

    A rich spicy curry with coconut milk, lime, onion, mangetout, red chilli and basil. Hot Contains: Crustaceans Gluten Fish Wheat

    from € 14.30

  • Chilli Popcorn Chicken

    Luxury crispy chicken with light batter, wok tossed with garlic, dry chilli, onion, scallion & chilli oil Hot Contains: Eggs Gluten

    from € 13.90

  • Thai Red Curry Dishes

    A rich spicy curry with coconut milk, lime, onion, mangetout, red chilli and basil. Hot Contains: Crustaceans Gluten Fish Wheat

    from € 14.30

  • Hong Kong Style dishes

    Coasted in a light batter, with pineapple, peppers, onions & carrots, stir-fried with sweet & sour sauce. Contains: Crustaceans Eggs Gluten Wheat

    from € 14.30

  • Kung pao sauce dishes

    Zingy chiken or mix meat wok fried with garlic, chilli, pepper, vegetabes and cashew nuts. Spicy Contains: Gluten Nuts

    from € 14.30

  • Black Bean Dishes

    Savoury dish with black bean, pan fried garlic and vegetables with oyster sauce. Spicy Contains: Soya Gluten

    from € 13.60

  • Honey Sesame Crispy Chilli Chicken

    This crispy shredded chicken coasted with sweet & chilli dressing wok tossed with onion, pepper, carrots and pineapple.  Spicy Contains: Gluten Sesame Seeds

    from € 14.30

  • Black Pepper Dishes

    Black Pepper Breast Chicken or Beef or Fillet Beef Classic black pepper dish pan fried garlic, onion, green pepper and carrot Spicy Contains: Soya Gluten

    from € 13.60

  • Salt and chilli King Prawn

    Crispy prawn wok stir-fried with garlic, scallion and vegetables, garnished with cooking wine.  Spicy Contains: Crustaceans Gluten

    from € 15.30

  • Roast Duck Cantonese Style

    Crispy roast duck with pineapple or bean sprout and cantonese sauce. Contains: Soya Nuts

    from € 15.30

  • Peking Roast Duck

    Sliced roast duck with this fruity dressing, wok stir-fried with seasonal vegetable. Spicy Contains: Gluten

    from € 15.30

  • Basil chill Dishes

    Home made fresh basil chilli sauce, wok fried with onion, pepper and fresh basil.  Spicy Contains: Crustaceans Gluten Wheat

    from € 14.30

  • Szechuan Dishes

    A blend of onions, hot bean, fresh & dry chilli, medium spicy sauce, wok tossed with fresh seasonal vegetables. Spicy Contains: Gluten

    from € 13.40

  • Satay Dishes

    Aroma smooth peanut & coconut based sauce, wok fried with seasonal vegetables.  Spicy Contains: Gluten Nuts

    from € 14.30

  • Tikka Masala Dishes

    Wok fried with fresh cream, onion, carrot, mangetout & chilli in tikka masala sauce. Hot Contains: Gluten Nuts Wheat

    from € 14.30

  • Amber Fire Dishes

    Chef special made fresh amber fire sauce ,wok fried with carrots ,pepper ,onions & scallions . Hot Contains: Gluten Nuts Wheat

    from € 14.30

  • Malaysia Curry Dishes

    A mildly spicy ,rich and savory curry sauce slow cooked with potatoes and broccoli. Hot Contains: Crustaceans Gluten Fish Wheat

    from € 14.30

Vegetarian Dishes

  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls

    Contains: Gluten

    € 6.30

  • Vegetarian Dumpling

    Contains: Soya Gluten Wheat

    € 8.20

  • Wok Fried Beancurd with Sweet Chilli Sauce

    Contains: Gluten

    from € 12.30

  • Wok Fried Beancurd in Salt and chilli Flavor

    Contains: gluten

    from € 12.30

  • Mixed Vegetable Fried Rice or Chow Mein

    Contains: Gluten

    € 13.90

  • Mix Vegetable Curry

    Contains: gluten

    from € 12.30

Fired Rice Dishes

  • Fried Rice dishes

    Fried rice with chicken , beef or king prawns and egg, peas, scallion and soy sauce. Contains: Gluten Eggs

    from € 14.30

  • Yeung Chow Fried Rice

    Fried rice with chicken, pork, ham, egg, peas, carrot, scallion and soy sauce.  Contains: Gluten Eggs

    € 14.60

  • Singapore Fried Rice

    Combination of chicken, ham, and prawn, pork with eggs, scallion in a curry flavor.  Contains: Crustaceans Gluten Eggs

    € 14.90

Fired Noodle Dishes

  • Chow Main dishes

    This traditional thin noodles stir fried with seasonal veg in oyster sauce. Contains: Eggs Gluten

    from € 14.60

  • Singapore Fried Noodles

    This thin rice noodles wok fried with egg, chicken, ham and seasonal vegetables in a curry flavor. Contains: Eggs Gluten

    € 15.80

  • Pad Thai dishes

    Wok fried flat-rice noodles with egg, spring onion, beansprout, pepper, carrot, onion and tamarind sauce, garnished with peanuts, basil& lime.  Contains: Crustaceans Eggs Gluten

    from € 15.80

Kids Meal

  • Kids chicken Balls Meal With Capri-sun

    Contains: Eggs Gluten

    € 8.90

  • Kids Chicken Nuggets Meal With Capri-sun

    Contains: Eggs Gluten

    € 8.90

  • Kids Sausage Meal With Capri-sun

    Contains: Eggs

    € 8.90


  • Chocolate Cake

    Contains: Gluten

    € 5.80

Extra Dishes

  • Chicken Balls (8)

    Contains: Eggs Gluten

    € 9.80

  • Chicken Balls (4)

    Contains: Eggs Gluten

    € 5.90

  • Prawn Crackers

    Contains: Crustaceans Eggs Fish

    € 3.80

  • Chilli Chips

    € 7.80

  • Chilli Chicken Balls

    € 9.40

  • Jasmine Steamed Rice

    € 3.60

  • Fried Rice

    Contains: Eggs

    € 4.50

  • Chips

    € 4.50

  • Fried Noodles

    Contains: Eggs

    € 7.00

  • Fried Rice Noodles

    € 7.80

  • Choice of Sauce

    from € 3.20

  • 4 in 1

    Chicken or Beef or Crispy Chicken with chips, fried rice & choice sauce. Contains: Gluten Wheat

    from € 9.90

  • 3 in 1

    Curry sauce, chips & fried rice Contains: Gluten Wheat

    from € 7.30

Special Meal for 1

  • Chicken Ball Meal

    Chicken Balls (8) with chips or rice served with curry or sweet & sour or BBQ sauce or satay sauce

    from € 14.80

  • Meal Deal A

    Skewed chicken satay, curry chicken breast with chips

    € 18.90

  • Meal Deal B

    Spring roll, honey sesame crispy chilli chicken with chips

    € 17.90

Super Spicy Munchy Box

  • Super Spicy Munchy Box C

    2x Chicken Wings, 2x Chicken Balls 2x Chicken Chinese Rolls Crispy Chicken Salt & Chilli Chips Curry Sauce

    € 18.60

  • Super Spicy Munchy Box H

    4x Chicken Wings 4x Chicken Balls 8x Mini Rolls, Crispy Chicken Salt & Chilli Chips Curry Sauce

    € 26.90

  • Super Spicy Munchy Box D

    4x Chicken Wings, 4x Chicken Balls 4x Chinese Cheese Rolls, 8x Chicken Nuggets, Crispy Chicken, Salt & Chilli Chips and Curry Sauce

    € 30.90

Family Set Meal

  • Family Set Meal E

    Spring rolls, salt & chilli crispy chicken, chicken breast in curry sauce, beef with black bean sauce, chips (2)

    € 36.90

  • Family Set Meal F

    Chicken samosa, salt & chili crispy chicken ,hong kong style chicken breast, beef in curry sauce, chips (2), kids chicken ball meal, kids sausage meal, prawn crackers

    € 49.90


  • Cans 330ml

    € 1.80

  • Bottles (Small)


    € 2.80

  • Lucozade


    € 2.90

  • Water


    € 2.30

  • Caprisun


    € 1.80

  • Monster Ulta


    € 3.40

  • Monster Original


    € 3.40

  • Monster Juiced


    € 3.40

  • Prime tropical punch


    € 4.50

  • Prime ice pop


    € 4.50


Saturday, 13 April 2024
Have ordered many times here and generally it is reliable place for consistency all round but last night the dishes were skimpy,the 2 mains always used to be up to the container top,all meat in the house specials was reduced to noticeable levels,could count maybe 5 cashew nuts in the kung pao,soft noodle accompanied one of the dishes just bland no flavour,add to that the worlds smallest chicken balls at €1.50 each,not cheap either so always expect that little bit better.
Wednesday, 03 April 2024
This is a quality place. The food is consistently delicious and well packed. Delivery has always been super fast even though I'm a bit further out than most. Highly recommended.
Saturday, 30 March 2024
very quick said to be delivered at 17:50 and i ordered at 17:05 and then it came at 17:15! excellent service!!! 🩷🩷
Friday, 29 March 2024
Saturday, 24 February 2024
Perfect as always. Best food in Kildare. Excellent delivery team. Well done all!
Wednesday, 14 February 2024
Sunday, 11 February 2024
Food was great, quick delivery. Thank you!

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