Ginzeng Blanchardstown

Chinese Asian fusion

Ginzeng, Dublin 15, Blanchardstown

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Chicken, Roast Duck, Beef, Veggie and Tofu, King Prawn

2. Fill it

Boiled rice, Egg Fried rice, Chips, Spicy Chips, Egg noodles, Thin Rice noodle, Udon noodle, Ho Fun noodle

3.Sauce it

Curry (Hot), Thai Green Curry (Hot), Teriyaki, Satay (Hot), Black Bean, Soy, Sweet Chilli (Hot), Szechuan (Hot), Kung Po (Hot), Black Pepper (Hot)

4.Top Up

Let's Go Nuts

Cashew Nuts + €0.80

Peanuts +€0.60

All Inclusive of sides (rice, chips, noodle)

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