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Castle Street, Bray, Bray

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Note: All foods are handled & cooked using the same kitchen & equipment. Every effort is made to prevent our foods coming into unnecessary contact but we cannot guarantee that individual menu items do not carry traces of allergens used in other menu items. e.g. Pizzas made using the ‘Gluten Free Base’ cannot be considered entirely gluten free. Although every effort is made to remove bones from chicken & ham products, some may remain

Ham (Cooked reformed ham (75%) with added water)

Chilli beef (With added water)

Beef meatballs (Gluten / Wheat, Soya, Eggs)

Sliced sausage (Gluten / Wheat, Soya, Sulphites)

Fajita chicken (Mustard)

Rustic chorizo (Milk)

Falafel (Gluten / Wheat)

Tuna (Fish)

Anchovies (Fish)

Parmesan cheese shake (Milk)

Freshly dough made daily by hand

All pizzas have a tomato base topped with cheese unless otherwise specified

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