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Shack Snacks

  • Fish Tacos x2

    Fresh market white fish in a soda batter. Served with soft corn tortillas, smoked almond romesco sauce & pickled slaw. Gluten, Wheat, Crustaceans, Fish, Almond, Soya, Sulphites.

    from € 14.50

  • Bombay Soft Shell Crab Tacos (x2)

    Soft Shell Crab, soda battered served in soft corn tortilla, Bombay spice, pickled slaw and cucumber yoghurt. Contains: Gluten Wheat, Crustacean, Milk, Mustard, Soya, Sulphites.

    from € 14.90

  • Seafood Chowder

    Made with chunky pieces of fresh fish and served with toasted sourdough bread. Contains: Celery/Celeriac, Gluten Wheat, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Molluscs, Sulphites - Chowder is not gluten free. The bread can be gluten free.

    from € 11.50

  • Battered Scampi

    Soda battered prawns served with garlic mayo and lemon. Gluten, Wheat, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Mollusc, Mustard, Soya, Sulphites.

    from € 13.50

  • Crispy Cajun Calamari

    Crispy fried squid served with garlic mayo & lemon. Gluten, Wheat, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Molluscs, Mustard, Soya, Sulphites

    from € 12.50

Shack Fillers

  • Fish "N" Chips

    Fresh market white fish in a soda batter, deep fried, served with tartar sauce and shack chips. Contains: Gluten Wheat, Eggs, Fish, Mustard, Soya, Sulphites.

    € 18.50

  • Skilled baked Atlantic Hake

    Atlantic Hake, herbs crumb, tomato, spring vegetables with honey butter. Contains Celery/celeriac, Gluten, Wheat, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Soya.

    € 20.95

  • Seafood Paella

    Fresh Market Fish, Prawns, Mussels, green peas, roast peppers, saffron rice & almond smoked romesco sauce. Celery/celeriac, Crustaceans, Fish, Molluscs, Almond, Mustard, Soya, Sulphites.

    € 20.95

  • Seafood Linguine

    Tiger Prawns, Mussels, Market White Fish served with linguine pasta, dill and lemon in tomato butter sauce. Contains: Celery/celeriac, Gluten Wheat, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Molluscs, Soya, Sulphites.

    € 20.95

Shack Burgers

  • Shack Beef burger & Chips

    6oz Irish beef burger with strong white cheddar, Beef tomato, lettuce, bacon & garlic mayo. Contains: Gluten Wheat, Eggs, Milk, Mustard, Sesame seeds, Soya & Sulphites

    € 18.50

Side Orders

  • Shack Chips

    Contains: Soya

    € 4.90

  • Shack Salad

    Contains: sulphites

    € 4.90

  • Scandinavian Potato Salad

    Contains Milk, eggs and Fish

    € 6.00

  • Toasted Garlic Sourdough

    Contains: Gluten wheat, rye, egg, milk

    € 4.90

  • Spring Vegetables

    Contains Milk

    € 6.00

  • Basket Bread and Butter

    Contains Gluten Wheat, Milk.

    € 6.00

House Sauces

  • Tartar Sauce

    Contains Eggs Sulphur Dioxide

    € 1.00

  • Garlic Mayo

    Contains: Eggs Sulphur Dioxide

    € 1.00

  • Smoked romesco sauce

    Contains: Milk, Almonds

    € 1.00

Soft Drinks

  • Coke - 330ml Cans

    Contains: Sulpher Dioxide

    € 3.00

  • Fanta - 330ml Cans

    Contains: Sulpher Dioxide

    € 3.00

  • Sprite - 330ml Cans

    Contains: Sulpher Dioxide

    € 3.00

  • Still Water 500ml

    € 2.50

  • Sparkling Water

    € 2.50


Saturday 01 June 2024
Disgraceful portion size for the price. for a few more cents they could have doubled the chips. Unforgivably greedy.
Thursday 11 April 2024
Síte says food delivered in 30 minutes. I could have walked there and cooked it myself by the time it arrived. Food was freezing cold. And I've seen more crab meat on a skeleton. Shocking.
Monday 22 January 2024
Sunday 22 January 2023
Chips are really good had the bacon and cheese burger which was also amazing will be ordering again

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