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Arcadia Coosan Athlone, Athlone, Athlone

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Served with rice or chips €0.50 extra, fried rice €1.50 extra, brown rice €1.70 extra, soft noodle €2.00 extra.

Sweet & Sour Sauce (Celery)

Black Bean Sauce (Sesame) (Soybeans)

Szechuan Sauce (Sesame) (Soybeans)

Ginger & Scallion (Sesame) (Soybeans)

Garlic & Chilli Sauce (Sesame) (Soybeans) (Molluscs)

Mushroom Sauce (Sesame) (Soybeans) (Molluscs)

Kung Po Sauce (Nuts) (Sesame) (Soybeans)

Chop Suey Sauce (Sesame) (Soybeans)

Cashew Nuts (Nuts) (Sesame) (Soybeans)

Black Pepper Sauce (Sesame) (Soybeans)

Malaysia Satay Sauce (Milk) (Peanuts) (Soybeans) 

Orange Sauce (Celery)

Lemon Sauce

Plum Sauce (Celery)

Malaysia Sambal Sauce (Sesame)(Fish)(Soybeans)

Served with rice or chips, fried rice €1.00 extra, brown rice €1.20, soft noodle €1.50 extra.


Less sugar, less calorie , less oil

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