Denj Persian Cuisine

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  • Kookoo Sabzi

    Oven cooked mixed fresh herbs, walnuts, berries, eggs Contains: Eggs Dairy
  • Kotlet

    This Persian version of hashbrown is made from real potatoes, eggs & spices
  • Wings

    Grilled Persian style chicken wings served with homemade dip

    € 12.50

  • Borani

    Baby spinach cooked with onion & spices mixed with natural yogurt & fresh homemade nan bread Contains: Dairy
  • Kashk Bademjan

    Grilled Aubergine pure, garlic, mint, Curd topped with dried onion serve with fresh nan bread

    € 12.00

  • Denj Platter

    Selection of dips & mazzeh served with freshly baked nan bread Contains: Gluten

    € 17.00

  • Prawn

    King Prawn in Safran, leek & lemon juice with a touch of garlic served wit slice of fresh nan bread

    € 10.50

  • Hummus

    Homemade chickpea & extra virgin olive oil served with fresh nan bread

    € 8.50

Main Course

  • Chelo Koobedeh

    2 Minced lamb skewers serve with homemade basmati rice & grilled tomato

    € 24.00

  • Chelo Barg

    Fillet of beef skewer perfectly cut and cooked on char grill served with grilled tomato & basmati rice

    € 30.00

  • Soltani

    1 Skewer of minced lamb & one skewer of fillet kebab served with basmati rice & grilled tomato
  • Mixed Grilled for Two

    1 Skewer of minced lamb, 1 skewer of chicken wings & 1 skewer of chicken shish and 1 skewer of veg kebab served with 2 portions of basmati rice & grilled tomato
  • Chelo Joojeh Debone

    Breast of chicken skewer marinated in onion, Safran, lemon juice & olive oil serve with grilled tomato, basmati rice

    € 25.00

  • Sabzee Polo Mahi

    Pan fried whole seabass served with herb rice & garlic pickle & fresh lemon Contains: Fish
  • Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche

    Slowly cooked lamb shanks served with broad beans rice & herbs
  • Zeresh Polo & Morgh

    Half of fresh chicken cooked in Safran & spices & served with basmati rice topped with barberry & pistachio

    € 24.00

  • Khoresht Bademjan

    Famous Persian lamb stew & Aubergine cooked slowly in tomato sauce served with basmati rice

    € 23.00

  • Khoresht Morgh & Aloo

    Pieces of chicken cooked in saffron, tomato sauce, dried plum topped with fried homemade fries served with basmati rice
  • Beef Burger

    100% Homemade burger on brioche with lettuce, tomato, pickle & cheese sided with fries Contains: Gluten
  • Chicken Burger

    Fresh breast of chicken marinated and grilled on brioche, lettuce, tomato & homemade dressing with fries Contains: Gluten


  • Koobedeh

    One skewer of minced kebab

    € 9.00

  • Grilled Tomatoes

    Skewer of grilled vine tomatoes

    € 6.50

  • Joojeh

    Skewer of grill bone less /on bone chicken kebab

    € 13.00

  • Nan

    Freshly baked bread

    € 3.99

  • Basmati Steamed

    € 7.00

  • Fries

    € 4.50

  • Zaytoon Parvardeh

    Persian style olives mixed in walnut, pomegranate & herbs

    € 8.00

  • Mast Kheyar

    Natural yogurt, diced cucumber & dried mint Contains: Dairy

    € 4.50

  • Mast Moosir

    Natural yogurt, garlic Contains: Dairy

    € 4.50

  • Salad Shirazi

    Diced cucumber, tomatoes & red onion with olive oil & fresh lemon juice

    € 4.50

  • Zereshk & Pistachio

    Deried berries & silvered Pistachio

    € 8.00

Sweet Corner

  • Bastani Sonati

    Freshly homemade ice cream made with Safran, crunchy cream, pistachio, rose water Contains: Dairy Nuts

    € 7.50

  • Selection of Ice Cream

    Strawberry, vanilla & chocolate Contains: Dairy
  • Death by Chocolate

    Homemade chocolate cake heated & served with vanilla ice cream Contains: Gluten Dairy

    € 7.99

  • Bread & Butter Pudding

    Homemade pudding from brioche bread topped with custard Contains: Gluten Eggs Dairy
  • Baklava

    Homemade crispy traditional Sweet pastry topped with sugar syrup

    € 10.00

Cold Beverages

  • Coke Zero

    € 2.90

  • Coke

    € 2.90

  • Fanta

    € 2.90

  • Sprite

  • Doogh (Jug)

    € 8.00

  • Doogh (Glass)

    € 3.00

Saturday, 17 December 2022
i got my incorrect meal ordered lamb, got chicken i was looking forward to it
Friday, 19 August 2022
Ordered a meal which included salad,chips and i got a chicken fillet and slice of bread . 👎
Wednesday, 22 June 2022
Saturday, 28 May 2022
Not great value for money. Way to expensive for the quality and quantity of food! €18 for 2 hash browns, and a small spinach cake, which was crazy expensive that doesn’t match the value or taste
Saturday, 12 March 2022
As Denj's prices are approximately 33% dearer than the average take-out prices I was expecting something special. My wife and I both ordered Khoresht Bademjan, described as a "famous Persian lamb stew & aubergine". What we each received for our €23 was lots of aubergine and 3 bite sizes pieces of lamb. We also ordered a King Prawn starter for €10.50 which turned out to be 6 small overcooked prawns that were firm and rubber to eat. While quality may be preferrable to quantity, the food was okay but nothing special.

A little bit about us

Are you ready to put your taste buds into overdrive?
Denj Persian Cuisine is based in Rathgar and look forward to welcoming you to try our fantastic Persian and Iranian food. Come and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere that will be matched with great tastes.
We also offer a takeaway service.

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Denj Persian Cuisine
3-5 Orwell Road
Dublin 6 Dublin 6
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