Chef Kebab

Kebab Pizza

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Pound Street, Edgeworthstown, Edgeworthstown

Delivery from 15:45

Note: Any deliveries outside of the town will incur an additional delivery charge.

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Available deep pan or thin crust

Also available in BBQ base, garlic base or tomato Base

All small kebabs are served on pitta bread & medium & large 

Kebabs are served with freshly rolled & baked naan bread with mixed salad & chilli & garlic sauce

Served with mixed salad & garlic & chilli sauce

All burgers are served with mixed salad & sauce

Served on tortilla wrap with mixed salad & garlic & chilli sauce

8 Bite sized dough rolls with 100% mozzarella cheese & selection of the best toppings

All curries served with rice or naan or chips

King Prawn - Contains: Fish, Lactose/Dairy, Nuts

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