Born for Burgers

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17 Dame Street, Dublin 8, Dublin 8

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Born for Burgers is an independent artisan burger joint on Dame Street, Dublin 2. We believe that simple is powerful; which is why we keep our menu small and our burgers packed with high-quality fresh ingredients.

We source our meat from local butchers, while our buns come from the countrys leading artisan bakers - Coughlans. We have also developed our own unique burger sauce and a cooking style that helps us create the perfect on-the-go gourmet burgers

We use the freshest ingredients from the best suppliers in the country to bring you these

gourmet, juicy and flavorful burgers. Our meat is prepared daily by local butchers.

These really are burgers like they mean it.

Some sides that you can take as a finisher...or as an appetizer!

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