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  • Crispy Mini Samosa

    Crispy fried mini triangles filled with potatoes and vegetables served with spicy tomato sauce Contains - Wheat - Gluten.

    € 5.95

  • Vegetable Spring Rolls

    Stuffed with noodle and shredded vegetable. Contains - Gluten, Soy

    € 7.25

  • Garlic Tossed Potato

    (V) Deep fried potato cubes, tossed in garlic. Contains - Gluten.

    € 6.25

  • Tofu Chili Fry

    Spicy tofu bytes deep fried & glazed with sweet & spicy sauce. Allergen: Wheat, Soya, Sesame.

    € 7.45

  • Chicken Karaage

    Japanese fried chicken bites served with wasabi mayo. Allergen: Egg, Gluten (wheat), Soya, Sesame. 6.95

    € 7.95

  • Sweet & Chilli Wings

    Fried chicken wings with sweet chilli & hot sriracha sauce. Contains - Gluten, Soy. Sesame

    € 8.75

  • Chicken Gyoza

    Japanese style Chicken dumplings deep fried, served with sweet chilli sauce. Contain: gluten, egg, crustaceans, soy, celery, sesame.

    € 7.95

  • Grilled Chicken Skewers

    Served with peanut satay sauce. Contains - Gluten, Soy, Mustard.

    € 7.95

  • Mini Box

    Mix of veg spring roll, chicken gyoza & chili wings served with sweet chilli dip. Allergen: Gluten (Wheat), Soya, Egg, Sesame, Celery, Crustacean

    € 10.95

  • House Box

    Selection of our most popular starters served with dipping sauces. Contains - Gluten, Soy, Crustacean, Mustard.

    € 14.99


  • Vegan Green’s

    Chickpeas, Kale, baby leaves, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, gherkins, red pepper relish and carrots with chili garlic dressing Allergen - Mustard

    € 9.99

  • Green Caeser

    Grilled Chicken, greens, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, and parmesan with basil Caeser dressing. Allergen: Egg, Milk, Mustard, Fish, Crustacean.

    € 9.99

  • Beef Ranch Bowl

    Seared Beef, Kale, lettuce, baby leaves, cherry tomatoes, jalapenos, gherkins, and carrots, with ranch dressing. Allergen – Egg, milk, mustard.

    € 10.99

  • Ramen Noodle Soup

    Slow-cooked chicken broth served with wheat noodles, selection of fresh vegetables, topped with half boiled egg and crispy shallots. Contains – Gluten, Soya, Egg.

    from € 10.99


  • Salt & Chili Chicken Chips

    Battered chicken strips with ginger & lime deep fried and tossed with Salt 'n' Chili Chips Contain: Soya, sesame, wheat, celery, egg, milk, molluscs

    € 10.99

  • Asian Grilled Chicken

    Chicken fillet marinated in Asian spices, grilled to finish served with steamed broccoli, Egg fried rice and massaman dip Allergen: fish, crustacean

    € 11.99


  • Kids Chicken Korma

    Mild korma with chicken, broccoli, sweet corn served with a side portion of steamed jasmine rice. (1/2 adult size)

    from € 8.99

  • Kids Crispy Chicken

    Deep fried battered shredded chicken wok fried in a sweet chilli sauce , served with egg fried rice ( same container ) Contain:-Gluten, soya, egg, molluscs, sesame

    € 8.99

  • Kids Chicken Karaage

    Mild Chicken karaage with chips with sweet chilli dip. Allergen: Gluten (wheat), Egg, Sesame, Soya.

    € 8.99


  • Vegan Spice Bag

    Chickpeas, mushroom, potatoes, peppers, onions, leeks and carrots wok tossed with a homemade vegan spice mix. Contains – Mustard.

    € 10.99

  • Spice Bag

    Crispy chicken, fried potatoes, mix peppers, onions, leeks wok tossed with bell pepper spice bag seasoning Contains - Gluten, Egg, Mustard

    € 10.99


  • Vegan Korma

    A mild Indian sauce made with coconut milk, healthy turmeric, lime leaves and asian spices cooked with tofu, onions, peppers, squash & broccoli garnished with sliced chillies Contains - Soy.

    from € 14.99

  • Vegan Pad Thai

    Vegan Version of classic Pad Thai with tofu & veg Contains - Gluten, soy, Sulphate

    € 14.99

  • Vegan Fried Rice

    Vegan friendly fried rice on choice of thai jasmine or brown rice with crunchy fresh vegetable, tofu and cashew in a Home-made vegan seasoning sauce Allergen Information, Contains - Gluten, soya, Sulphate

    € 14.99

  • Vegan Chilli & Cashew

    Dry Fried Chilli, Cashew, Onions, Broccoli, mix pepper,squash , mushrooms and spring onions in a home made vegan seasoning sauce. Allergen Information , Contains - Gluten , soya, sulphate

    from € 14.99

  • Vegan Khao Soi Gai

    A warming curry with tofu, yellow noodles, sprouts, leeks, carrots, bok choi with side crispy shallots. Allergen: Gluten (wheat), Soya.

    € 14.99

  • Vegan Yellow Curry

    Vegan Yellow curry paste simmered with coconut milk, fine beans, squash, basil, mix peppers, onion and tofu. Allergen: Gluten (wheat), Soya.

    from € 14.99


  • Garlic & Chili Prawns

    Prawns, onions, mix peppers, bamboo shoot, baby corns stir fried in garlic and Thai chili seasoning sauce. Allergen: Gluten (wheat), Molluscs, Soya, Crustaceans.

    from € 15.95

  • Prawn & Coconut Curry

    Coconut milk and Thai spices with onions, mix peppers, chili and fine beans. Allergen: Fish, Mustard, Crustaceans.

    from € 15.95

  • Grilled Basil & Chili Salmon

    Basil & chili marinated grilled salmon on a bed of stir fried Asian green. Allergen: Gluten (wheat), Fish, Molluscs, Soya, Crustaceans

    from € 15.95


  • Thai Green Curry (GF)

    With green beans, bamboo shoots, mix peppers, onions, red chilli and fresh holy basil. Contains – Fish, Crustacean.

    from € 14.99

  • Phanaeng Curry(GF)

    Mild curry with fine beans, basil bamboo shoot, onion, fresh chili. Allergen: Fish, Crustaceans.

    from € 14.99

  • Thai Red Curry (GF)

    With green beans, bamboo shoots, butternut squash, onion and red chilli. Contains – Fish, Crustacean.

    from € 14.99

  • Madrassi Korma (GF)

    The signature dish- Mild curry with onions, mix peppers, squash, broccoli, sweet corn. Contains – Mustard.

    from € 15.45

  • Massaman Curry

    Mild and rich curry with potato, onion and crispy shallots. Contains- Fish, Crustacean

    from € 15.45


  • Sweet Crispy Chicken

    Lightly battered pieces of chicken breast, wok-fried with mixed peppers, onions and spring onions in a mildly spicy sweet chilli sauce sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. Contains – Gluten, Soy, Molluscs, Sesame, Egg.

    from € 15.45

  • Chilli & Honey Chicken

    Signature dish - Lightly spiced battered chicken strips toasted with onions peppers, leeks and carrots in a mild honey chilli sauce. Contains- Gluten, Dairy, Soy.

    from € 15.45

  • Ginger & Mushroom

    Mushroom, Asian greens, Onions, leeks, broccoli, and ginger stir fry with your protein selection in a lighter seasoning sauce. Allergen: Gluten (Wheat), Soya, Molluscs

    from € 14.99

  • Chili & Cashew Nut

    A customer favourite - fresh mixed peppers, onions, spring onions, broccoli, cashew nuts and red chilli, wok-fried in our classic Thai seasoning sauce. Contains - Gluten, Soy, Molluscs.

    from € 14.99

  • Black Bean Stir Fry

    Fresh mix peppers, onions, spring onions and broccoli, wok-fried in our classic Thai seasoning sauce. Contains – Gluten, Soy, Molluscs.

    from € 14.99


  • Pad Kee Mao

    Flat rice noodle on a home-made spicy Thai sauce. Allergen: Wheat, Soya, Molluscs.

    from € 15.45

  • Singapore Noodle

    Vermicelli ( thin), beans sprout, carrots, leeks, egg, garlic and chilli paste finished with our classic Thai seasoning sauce. Contains- Gluten, Soy, Egg, Molluscs, Mustard

    from € 15.45

  • Black Bean Noodle

    Signature dish - Yellow wheat noodles, leeks, carrots, beansprouts, with black beans and Thai seasoning sauce. Contains - Gluten, soy, Molluscs.

    from € 15.95

  • Pad Thai Noodle

    Thai classic, with beans sprouts, carrots, leeks and egg tossed in our delicious Pad Thai sauce with a fresh lime wedge and crushed roasted peanuts. Contains- Gluten, Egg, Soy.

    from € 15.45

  • Combo Noodles

    Yellow wheat noodles, jumbo prawns stir-fried chicken breast, beef, beans sprout, carrots, leeks and egg, garlic and chilli paste and finished with our special noodle sauce. Contains - Gluten, Soy, Crustacean, Molluscs, Fish, Egg, Mustard.

    € 15.95


  • Bangkok Fried Rice

    wok-fried Thai jasmine rice, onions, carrots, sweetcorn and leeks egg, garlic and chilli paste and finished with our Thai seasoning sauce. Contains – Gluten, Soy, Molluscs, Egg.

    from € 15.45

  • Khao Pad Nua

    stir-fried Thai jasmine rice with onions, red chilli, spring onion, cashew nuts, broccoli shredded egg in our classic Thai seasoning sauce. Contains- Gluten, Soy, Crustacean, Molluscs, Mustard.

    from € 15.45

  • Spicy Thai Fried Rice

    Stir-fried Thai jasmine rice with egg, onions carrots and leeks, garlic and chilli paste finished with our Thai seasoning sauce. Contains - Gluten, Soy, Crustacean, Molluscs, Mustard

    from € 15.45

  • Special Fried Rice

    wok-fried Thai jasmine rice, jumbo prawns stir-fried chicken breast, beef, beans sprout, carrots, leeks, egg, garlic and chilli paste finished with our Thai Seasoning sauce. Contains- Gluten, Soy, Crustacean, Molluscs, Fish, Mustard.

    € 15.95

  • Veg Fried Rice

    Wok – Fried jasmine rice, tofu and veg, cashew nuts stir-fried in homemade Thai seasoning sauce Contains- Gluten, Soya, Molluscs.

    € 15.45


  • Steamed Broccoli

    Steamed Broccoli. A healthy option!

    € 6.00

  • Stir Fried Asian Green

    Mix of stir- fried Asian greens in our signature seasoning sauce. Really tasty! ALLERGEN- Gluten, Soya, Molluscs.

    € 6.00

  • Stir Fried Noodle

    Stir fried noodles, carrot, leek and bean sprouts. ALLERGEN- Gluten, Soya, Molluscs.

    € 6.00

  • Edamame Bean

    Steamed edamame in their pods with sea salt.

    € 6.00

  • Jasmine Rice

    Steamed Thai jasmine rice

    € 3.25

  • Brown Rice

    Healthy brown rice

    € 3.25

  • Egg Fried Rice

    yummy egg fried rice.

    € 3.50

  • Chips

    Golden fried chips

    € 3.99

  • Sweet Potato Chips

    Its really sweet

    € 4.25

  • Sticky Roasted Cashew

    Little bites of sticky cashew nuts ALLERGEN- crustaceans, Soya, Nuts, Fish

    € 3.50

  • Thai Brown Cracker

    Shrimp flavoured Thai brown crackers Contain- Crustaceans, Gluten, Fish.

    € 3.25

  • Green Sauce (GF)

    Thai green curry sauce, Contain - Fish

    € 7.95

  • Massaman Sauce (GF)

    Thai massaman curry sauce, contain- fish

    € 7.95

  • Korma Sauce (GF)

    Rayong curry sauce , gluten free

    € 7.95

  • Red Curry Sauce (GF)

    Thai medium hot red curry sauce, contain - fish

    € 7.95


  • Coke (330 ml)

    Coca cola can 330 ml

    € 2.10

  • Coke Zero (330 ml)

    Coke zero can 330 ml

    € 2.10

  • 7 UP (330 ml)

    7up can 330 ml

    € 2.10

  • 7 UP Free (330 ml)

    7 up free can 330 ml

    € 2.10

  • Fanta (330 ml)

    Fanta can 330 ml

    € 2.10

  • VIT-HIT Berry

    vit hit berry 500 ml

    € 3.45

  • VIT-HIT Green

    Vit hit green 500 ml

    € 3.45

  • VIT-HIT Orange,Mango + Passionfruit

    Vit hit orange & mango 500 ml

    € 3.45

  • Acqua Panna (500 ml)

    Acqua panna still water 500 ml bottle

    € 2.75

  • San Pellegrino (500 ml)

    San pellegrino sparkling water 500 ml bottle

    € 2.75


Monday, 20 May 2024
1hr 40 mins for delivery! Food ok nothing special better Thai food around the area. Not great customer service on the phone
Sunday, 21 April 2024
Very small portion for 25e spending
Tuesday, 09 April 2024
I ordered the chicken noodle soup and the mixed starter box. The soup was so salty it was inedible, also rarely any veg in it. The starter box was nice but again extremely over seasoned chicken wings and chicken skewers. Won’t order again.
Friday, 05 April 2024
I am fuming over the 5 prawns on my curry. Paid over €20 including drink and delivery to get 5 miserable small prawns. Disgraceful guys. Won’t be ordering again that is for sure. Businesses trying to save money by losing customers. Good luck and bye

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Bell Pepper is located on Kimmage Road Lower, Dublin 6W. Providing freshly woked Thai food made to order and delivered to you. They are are open until 11PM seven days for dinner- right up to that late night snack. Delivering the best fresh and healthy Thai food straight to your door. Order Online now!

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Bell Pepper
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