Al Kebabish Moate


Main Street, Westmeath, Moate

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0.20c Extra for cheese slice

Served on tortilla wrap with mixed salad, garlic & chilli sauce

Served on Freshly Backed Naan Bread with Chilli, Garlic & Mixed Salad.

€0.50c Extra for Cheese

Served with Chips & Drink

Choose Your Pizza Base: Regular Base, Thin & Deep Pan Base

Choose Your Own Sauce: Chef Tomato, BBQ, Hot Chilli

Small: 10"

Medium: 12"

Large: 14"

X-Large: 16"

All Dishes Served with a Choice of Rice, Nann Bread or Chips

Mild curries cooked in coconut powder, suffron & fresh cream.

All dishes also available in lamb & king prawn

All Dishes are available in Lamb & King Prawn


Cooked with basmati rice & served with traditional curry sauce or raita separately


Tandoori Dishes are Cooked with Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms & Served with Tandoori Sauce Seperately with Rice or Naan

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