Eastern Tandoori Loughrea


Eastern Tandoori Loughrea, Co Galway, Loughrea

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Note:  - Our lamb, chicken and fish is freshly sourced locally.

 - Our Spices are freshly dry-roasted, ground and blended daily. These spices are only added to your chosen dish a short time before being served to your table to retain oil and freshness.

 - We only use rice that has a low glycaemic index (GI)

 - As all of our dishes are prepared freshly to order we ask for your patience at busy times

 - There is no service charge and all gartuities go directly to our staff

Please ask our staff if you have any food allergies

All birany dishes are cooked with saffron pilau rice and spiced with aromatic fresh herbs and served with vegetable sauce


A very popular Indian medium spicy dish cooked with spring onion, herbs, fresh coriander and tomato


An excellent dish cooked with fresh herbs, spices

and aromatic rogan chillies


Cooked with onions, cashew nuts, herbs and spices in thick sauce

(Medium Spicy)

An authentic Punjabi dish cooked in thick medium spicy sauce. A recommended dish

(Very Hot)

This dish is very popular in South India prepared with chilli powder and fresh lemon in spicy sauce


Cooked with sliced onion, green peppers, fresh coriander in a thick hot sour sauce


Cooked with Indian herbs, sliced onion and green pepper, fresh ginger, garlic & coriander


Cooked with fresh green chilli and coriander in a thick sauce

(Very Hot)

Cooked with sliced potatoes - a superb hot dish

All breads contain gluten.

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