Eastern Tandoori

Indian Coeliac/Gluten free Halal

2 3 Spainish Parade, Co Galway, Galway

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Note: Did You know?

Eastern Tandoori is the first in Ireland to have a stated policy on the following since its inception in 1985.

• No use of additives / preservatives / ‘off-the-shelf-concoctions’ in our kitchens.

• To exceed or surpass the EU health and hygiene requirements in our organisation.

• Groceries sourced from ISO 9002 quality system approved exporters as far as possible.

• Meats and vegetables sourced from HACCP-compliant suppliers only, for full traceability.

• Use of low-cholesterol poly-unsaturated oils to encourage ‘healthy-heart’.

• Total focus on ‘customer-delight’, not just customer-satisfaction. ‘We care, so that you can eat with confidence’.

If you wish to order any dish not listed on the menu, kindly advise us and we will try our best to accomodate you.

If you have any special dietary needs, e.g. celiac, gluten free, low sodium, nuts free, vegan etc., please advise us. Our chefs are fully ‘au-fait’ with such special diets and will suitably modify the dish to meet your specific requirements.

The average time for take away preparation is 20 minutes, however it may occur that on certain evenings this time may be slighly extended, please check with the order taker.

Cooked with Sliced Onion, Green Peppers, Fresh Coriander in a Thick hot Sour Sauce.

Cooked with Indian Herbs, Sliced Onion and Green Pepper, Fresh Ginger, Garlic & Coriander.

Cooked with Fresh Green Chilli and Coriander in a Thick Sauce.

Cooked with Sliced Potatoes - A Superb Hot Dish.

All the Tandoori Dishes are marinated with Special Spices and grilled in the Clay Oven

100% Irish lamb and beef

A very popular Indian Medium Spicy Dish cooked with spring onion, herbs, fresh coriander and tomato.

An Excellent Dish cooked with Fresh Herbs, Spices and Aromatic Rogan Chillies.

Cooked with Onions, Cashew Nuts, Herbs and Spices in Thick Sauce.

An Authentic Punjabi Dish cooked in Thick Medium Spicy Sauce. A recommended dish.

This Dish is very popular in South India prepared with Chilli Powder and Fresh Lemon in Spicy Sauce.

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