November 23, 2023 •

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Restaurant Order Flow

Urgent orders

An order automatically becomes an urgent order once there are 15 minutes or less left before its delivery target time.

Late orders

When an order is still preparing and the delivery target time has passed, the order is highlighted in red as a late order.

For those times when your orders are running late, and a customer is asking for an update, you can now let them know through Orderpad. So there’s no need for you to call Just Eat. A few taps on the Orderpad screen will send the update to your customer.

When a late order is reported by customer, Orderpad will notify you.

If an order is late the customer might request for updates on it. Orders for which the customers want an update will have the following icon: Update icon

You can choose to snooze the first notification for 2 minutes, but when it pops up again snooze will not be presented again.

To give an update just select the order on your Orderpad and select at which stage the order is currently at. You can also update the time it will take for the order to be delivered.

If you select order status as Preparing or On its way you’ll be asked to provide the time it will take to get the order to the customer.

Once this is done, your customer will receive the update of their order status and the expected time of delivery.
Use this new feature to help keep your customers better informed, and happier with the Just Eat experience you’re providing.

On its way & Ready

‘On its way’ more orders and happier customers in just a tap.
Join thousands of restaurants already benefiting from using free ‘On its way’ notifications

Simply tap On its way on your Orderpad when your driver sets off and we’ll message the customer know their food is coming.

For collection orders once the food is prepared, press the ‘Ready’ button.

A small tap, a big impact for your business

  • More positive customer reviews that improve your ranking on Just Eat
  • More loyal customers who keep coming back to you
  • More orders from new and existing customers
  • Fewer calls asking where the food is.

It’s free and easy and proven to keep customers coming back for more.

We’re committed to giving you the tools you need to keep customers coming back to your restaurant so we’ll let you know how well you’re doing with On its way and look out for more exciting news on new features we are developing.

Done orders

Confirm that your food has been delivered successfully by selecting ‘Delivered’ on your Orderpad, right away.This is the right way to close your orders for all self delivery orders.

Don’t leave it until the end of the night. Instead, make marking your orders ‘Delivered’ part of your routine and keep things running more smoothly.

Doing this helps us keep the customer up to date on their order by updating the order as it goes through your system, plus you’ll help us resolve customer queries quicker for you. An SMS is sent to them every time you press the ‘On its way’‘Ready’ and ‘Done’ buttons.