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Promoted Placement

Increase your orders with Promoted Placement

Promoted Placement gets your restaurant menu seen by more customers by placing your restaurant in one of the most visible “Promoted” search positions on the Just Eat app or website.

Once you’ve selected the postcodes you want to advertise your menu in, you’ll be able to set a weekly budget and stay in control of how much you spend. And remember, you’ll only be charged if a customer clicks on your menu.

See how you can reach new customers and bring in more orders with Promoted Placement.

Benefits for your business:

  • More eyes on your menu
    Pick the postcodes you want to promote your restaurant in when customers search in your area
  • You’ll only pay if a customer clicks on your menu
    Set a budget – this is the maximum you’re willing to spend
  • Track your performance
    You can manage your Promoted Placement campaigns on Partner Hub. That means more visibility of your budget, campaigns, and available postcodes. Plus, you’ll get monthly emails so you can see exactly how Promoted Placement is working for you

How it works:

Once you activate a campaign with Promoted Placement, your restaurant will share one of the Promoted positions in Just Eat searches. You won’t always appear in the Promoted slots in everyone’s searches. That’s because, to give you a much better return on your investment, you’ll be promoted to those customers most likely to order from you.

We look at things like average order value, historical orders; similar cuisine, customers and restaurants to ensure we are as accurate as possible. This creates the best chance to turn as many clicks into orders.

How to get started:

  • Check you’re eligible
    You need a minimum Customer Experience Score of 25+ and a Food Hygiene Rating of 3+ or Pass in Scotland.
  • Signing up
    You can sign up to Promoted Placement in just a few clicks. Just log in to Partner Hub and select ‘Promoted Placement’ from the menu. Once you’ve selected the postcodes you want to advertise your menu in, you’ll be able to set a weekly budget and stay in control of how much you spend. And remember, you’ll only be charged if a customer clicks on your menu.
  • Monitoring your campaign
    You’ll see how your campaigns are performing at all times, directly on Partner Hub. Up to the minute data lets you fine tune your placement so your budget delivers best results.
  • Budgeting for Promoted Placement
    With Promoted Placement you set yourself a weekly budget. This is the maximum amount that you wish to pay in a given week to appear as a Promoted Placement. If you don’t receive clicks, you won’t be charged. But if during the week you receive a lot of clicks and they run out over your budget, we’ll let you know.

    You then have the option to top it up so that your business can keep appearing on Promoted Placement, or you’ll be placed in the regular search until the following week, where your Promoted Placement budget reverts to your weekly maximum again.
  • Pay-per-click
    With Promoted Placement you only pay when a customer clicks on your menu. In cases where your restaurant is not listed as a Promoted Placement and is appearing in the regular search page, you won’t be charged for the customer’s click on your menu.

    Getting a lot of clicks? Great! We’ll let you know when you’re about to run out of budget. You can give us a call and adjust your budget so you can keep your top spot.

What other Partners think about Promoted Placement

“Promoted Placement has benefited my business massively. I will say that for my online business especially, I have seen a 40% increase in orders. You may pay a little more, but you get more revenue and more business.”
Rashad Naeem at Viceroy

“The Premium Positioning service allowed me to grow my restaurant in terms of revenue, new customers and reviews. I find this kind of service interesting because I can control my investment directly from my smartphone. The Team is always quick to send important data about my campaign.’’
Alessandro Petrola at Zio Eddie 96H

‘’Promoted Placement has increased my order volume, helped me make more money, and attract more customers. It was easy to set up, the whole process was quick and simple. Pay per click makes it easy for us to budget and means we’re only paying when someone clicks on our menu, so it’s good value for money.’’
Sefatullah Rozikhel at Red Wok

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All you need to know about Promoted Placement here.
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*Please note, to qualify for Promoted Placement credit, you must have an FSA rating of 3+ or Pass and a Customer Experience Score of 25+.