June 28, 2022 •

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Promoted Placement

Boost your orders. Gain more visibility and more orders on Just Eat.

Why use Promoted Placement?

Stay in control of your budget – you’ll only be charged if a customer clicks on your menu
Increase your visibility – stand out to the customers most likely to order from you
Manage your spending – set a budget, then let it run automatically
Advertise better than billboards – be seen by hungry customers, actively looking for restaurants like yours.

Improve the visibility of your restaurant and reach out to even more customers.

Hear from Partners like you:

Promoted Placement has benefited my business massively. I will say that for my online business especially, I have seen a 40% increase in orders. You may pay a little more, but you get more revenue and more business.

Rashad Naeem at Viceroy

The Premium Positioning service allowed me to grow my restaurant in terms of revenue, new customers and reviews. I find this kind of service interesting because I can control my investment directly from my smartphone. The Team is always quick to send important data about my campaign.

Alessandro Petrola at Zio Eddie 96H

Promoted Placement has increased my order volume, helped me make more money, and attract more customers. It was easy to set up, the whole process was quick and simple. Pay per click makes it easy for us to budget and means we’re only paying when someone clicks on our menu, so it’s good value for money

Sefatullah Rozikhel at Red Wok

How does it work?

Promoted Placement is our advertising tool that places you into one of the ‘promoted’ slots in customer search results. The fee is applied per click and is automatically added to your invoice. Easy!

How to get started:

Visit connect.just-eat.ie

Log in using your Partner Centre details. Go to ‘Marketing’, then select ‘Promoted Placement’.

Pick an area

Choose from the list of zip codes to decide where you’ll appear as a promoted restaurant.

Set your weekly budget

Set your fee per click and cap your weekly spending to stay in control. You’ll only pay when a customer clicks on your menu.

Track your progress

Once you’re in a promoted position, track your progress in the Partner Centre. You’ll also receive monthly performance emails detailing your success.