December 21, 2022 •

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Notpla becomes Earthshot Prize Winner 2022

Just Eat’s plastic-free and sustainable packaging partner, Notpla, is a winner of the Earthshot Prize 2022. The revolutionary company achieved the award in the ‘Build a Waste-Free World’ category.

Who is Notpla and what does this award mean?
We have been working with Notpla for several years to develop and test a truly sustainable food packaging solution. In our Partner Webshop, you can buy Notpla meal boxes that have a unique eco-friendly seaweed coating, which protects the environment and your food.

The Earthshot Prize, which has been labelled a “Nobel Prize but for environmental activities”, recognises innovative solutions that will repair our planet. The Prize is awarded to 5 winners each year for their contribution to environmentalism. We’re incredibly proud to partner with an Earthshot award winner. And don’t forget as our Partner you get access to their award winning products.

Why should my business choose Notpla packaging?
Did you know that 48% of customers avoid suppliers who aren’t actively reducing their non-recyclable plastic packaging*?

Notpla offers plastic free, eco-friendly packaging, which uses a 100% natural seaweed coating making it as biodegradable as an apple. Notpla’s products are unlike most on the market, which are typically made using PLA and aren’t biodegradable.

Notpla’s food containers are home compostable, free from artificial chemicals, recyclable, and suitable for delivery. Notpla is a packaging solution that won’t leave a mark on the environment but will leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Never skip on quality
Just because you’re going eco-friendly doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the quality of your food packaging. Notpla packaging is water-resistant and grease-proof making it perfect for food like for fries, sides, chicken, rice, noodles and much more!

Also, the packaging’s strong layer is tear resistant to keep your food safe.

I want to use Notpla packaging in my business
Great! We offer a range of Notpla packaging options, to suit your needs, in our Partner Webshop.