August 2, 2022 •

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NEW: 100% plastic-free seaweed coated meal boxes

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Be the first restaurant in Ireland to use this sustainable revolution: seaweed-coated packaging.

Suitable for delivery: The inner layer of this seaweed packaging is grease- and water-resistant, perfect for delivery and takeaway meals.

100% recyclable & home compostable: The better choice for the environment.

Changing customer needs: Customers have become more environmentally conscious and therefore value eco-friendly alternatives.

Watch how this packaging disappears in just 29 days. It is recyclable and it breaks down naturally, just like a piece of fruit! Watch the video above and see how the packaging completely dissolves in a few weeks.

Did you know that your average cardboard takeaway box has a coating of plastic on the inside? This makes it hard to recycle, and if the plastic enters the environment, it won’t decompose for hundreds of years.

Join us in choosing sustainable packaging instead of disposable plastic.