October 21, 2022 •

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Making changes to your menu in the Partner Hub

Did you know you can make changes to your menu directly in your Partner Hub? From price changes to adding products and meal deals – you can do it all yourself with Menu Manager.

Making changes to your menu

  1. Log into your Partner Hub
  2. Go to ‘Restaurant Settings’
  3. Click on ‘Manage your menu’
  4. Make the individual changes you need to – price change, discounts, editing descriptions etc.
  5. Save each change when adjustments are made
  6. Click ‘Submit’ only after you have made all your changes
  7. Your changes will go live within 24 hours

Important: Always save each edit and only click ‘Submit’ once all edits are made. Do not click ‘Submit’ after every edit as it will take our Customer Service team longer to apply your changes

Go to your Partner Hub account

There’s so much more you can do with Menu Manager
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