November 8, 2022 •

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Increase returning customers with StampCards

Reward your loyal customers to keep them coming back again and again.
StampCards is a loyalty programme that increases your orders by up to 21% and your returning customers by up to 17% per month.

The programme also helps you to stand out from the competition, attract new customers and promote customer loyalty.

How do StampCards work?
Who doesn’t love a discount? Each time a customer places an order at your restaurant, they save up 10% of the order value into a stamp.

After the fifth order, the total saved up will be given in the form of a discount that can be claimed only at your restaurant.

It’s free to opt-in to StampCards! You only need to pay the cost of the discounts your customers receive. It appears as ‘paid by StampCard’ in your weekly invoice.

Why you should get StampCards
StampCards encourage your customers to keep ordering from you. In turn, you’ll gain up to 17% more returning customers per month.

And of course, more returning customers means more orders – 21% on average. All this gives you up to 14% revenue growth in the first month of opting-in to StampCards.

StampCards also keep your restaurant top of mind for your customers. They’ll receive a dedicated set of marketing emails and push messages with your business name and logo.

How to get StampCard

1. Log into the Partner Hub here

2. Select the ‘Marketing’ tab and go to ‘StampCards’

3. Agree to the T&Cs and click ‘Opt in to StampCards’

4. Watch your orders and returning customers increase!

Does it cost anything to opt-in to StampCards?
No, it’s free to opt-in to StampCards. You only need to cover the cost of the discounts your customers receive.

Can I opt-out at any time?
If you wish to opt-out of StampCards, you can easily do so in the Partner Hub. Deactivation of StampCards will take 90 days.

How do I see the costs of given discounts?
You can view any StampCard related costs on your invoice under ‘paid by StampCard’.

How will new customers know my business has StampCards?
Partners who opt-in have a StampCard label on our platform. Customers can also filter menus by who is offering StampCards.

How can I activate StampCards?
You can get StampCards in the Partner Hub by following the steps above or our Sales team can activate StampCards for you.