May 17, 2023 •

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Growth solutions, designed to work for you

We’ve created something new for select Partners. Once eligible, you’ll be invited to join our exclusive programme, with two package options. We built them specifically to accelerate your growth with the help of extra marketing and sales.

Accelerating your business growth

Increase your savings

You will get a €75 voucher per quarter to spend on essentials such as delivery bags, disposables and clothing. You’ll also additionally get up to 20% discount on any webshop orders.

Grow visbility

You’ll recieve up to 15% off on Promoted Placement to grow your brand’s visbility and position your restaurant at the top of customer search results.

Attract more customers

Increase your visibility on Just Eat and attract more customers with Promoted Placement. Build customer loyalty with up to €1,600 worth of Just Eat funded consumer vouchers to distribute with your orders.

Boost your orders

We guarantee at least 50 orders directly linked to the initiatives offered and a long-term increase in orders with the help of free dish photography.

Accelerating your business growth

Our guarantee

More orders, guaranteed (Grow Fastest Only)

We’re confident that you’ll generate more orders and revenue for your business, with our programme options. That’s why we’ve put an order guarantee in place.

So, if you opt for Grow fastest, we guarantee at least 50 orders directly linked to the initiatives offered. On the off chance you don’t get those extra orders, we’ll refund your additional 2% investment cost for the first 6 weeks – terms and conditions apply.

Activate my benefits

How to activate your benefits

Promoted Placement
Your discount is automatically applied when you activate Promoted Placement in the Partner Hub.

Consumer vouchers
These are Just Eat funded vouchers personalised with your brand name and only redeemable at your restaurant that you can share with your customers to keep them coming back. They’re sent in €5 vouchers, and you can give out the equivalent of up to €400 per quarter.

Webshop discount
In the welcome email you receive from us, we’ll include the €75 voucher and discount code for the Webshop. The €75 voucher can be redemmed only once per quarter. For the discount, just add it at checkout for every order and your discount will be applied.

Dish photography
Your Account Manager will contact you and arrange a time for a photographer to come and take professional photos of your dishes (free of charge).

Any more questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use all the benefits?
We recommended using all your benefits to drive the most orders and save the most costs. Plus, you need to use all the benefits to be eligible for our order guarantee.

How can I track my progress with the guarantee?
We’ll track your progress so you don’t have to. If you don’t meet the order guarantee after six weeks of signing up to your chosen package, you will need to email [email protected] to claim your guarantee.

What products can I use my Webshop discount on?
Your discount is available on all products, the €75 can only be redeemed within one transaction.

I have a few more questions…
Just contact your Account Manager for any further information, or send an email to [email protected].

Sound like something your business would benefit from? Reach out to your Account Manager for more information.