November 22, 2022 •

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Growth solutions, designed to work for you

Speed up your growth with marketing, sales and data services tailored to your business needs. These solution packages are designed to further boost your visibility on the Just Eat platform and accelerate your orders, whilst saving you money with added discounts from our Webshop and wholesale partnerships.

Accelerating your business growth

Attract more customers

Increase your visibility on Just Eat’s platform and attract more customers with Promoted Placement. Build customer loyalty with up to €1,500 worth of Just Eat funded consumer vouchers to distribute with your orders.

Increase orders

Guarantee at least 50 more orders, boost conversions by up to 17% with Promoted Placement and, with free dish photography, see a 16% uplift in orders of items with images added. Personalised insights and recommendations give you the power to predict ROI and attract more customers.

Grow savings

Save costs on marketing and essential supplies with up to 5% off with BWG through our wholesale partnerships, 15% off Promoted Placement and up to 20% off Just Eat’s Webshop.

Your recipe to faster growth

Which list of ingredients works best for your business?

You’ll reach more customers and grow your business with the Just Eat platform. But, if you want to grow even more quickly, sign up to our ‘Grow faster…’ or ‘Grow the fastest!’ solution packages.

More orders, guaranteed

Your order guarantee, explained

We’re confident that if you opt into one of the solution packages above, you’ll generate more orders and revenue for your business. That’s why we’ve put an order guarantee in place. So, if you opt to ‘Grow faster..’ we’ve forecast an additional 25 orders and if you opt to ‘Grow the fastest’, we’ve forecast an additional 50 orders. That means that if you don’t achieve the proposed order increase, we’ll automatically refund your additional 1% or 2% investment cost.

So long as you opt into all the benefits that directly drive order growth (Promoted Placement, dish photography and apply the personal recommendations sent to you, such as menu bundles) and continue to deliver a high level of performance on the Just Eat platform, your refund will be automatically issued after the first 6 weeks of launching the package.

Activate my benefits

How to activate your benefits

Promoted Placement

Your discount is automatically applied when you activate Promoted Placement in the Partner Centre.

Personalised recommendations for menu bundling 

We’ll send you emails with recommendations on which items on your menu you should bundle together to attract the most customers. Simply follow the instructions in the email to make your menu stand out more. 

Consumer vouchers

We’ll automatically send these to you by post. These are Just Eat funded vouchers that you can share with your customers to keep them coming back! 

Just Eat Webshop discount

In the welcome email you receive from us, we’ll include a discount code for the Webshop. Just add it at checkout for every order you make and your discount will automatically be applied. 

Dish Photography 

Your Account Manager will contact you and arrange a time for a photographer to come and take professional photos of your dishes (free of charge of course)!

Any more questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use all the benefits? 

We recommend using all your benefits to drive the most orders and to save the most costs. But, it also ensures you’re eligible for our order guarantee. 

How can I track my progress with the guarantee? 

We’ll track your progress so you don’t have to. If you don’t meet the order guarantee after 6 weeks of launching the package, we’ll automatically refund your additional commission to your account. 

How often do I receive personalised insights and recommendations?

You’ll receive insights every month with personalised menu and bundle recommendations, and your Promoted Placement results. 

What products can I use my Webshop discount on? 

Your discount is available on all Just Eat products, including our delivery E-bike. You can use it on every order you make and combine it with any additional offers and promotions on the Webshop.

I have a few more questions… 

Just contact your Account Manager for any further information, or send an email to [email protected].