January 16, 2022 •

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Cheeky Tuesday

Cheeky Tuesday is by far our most popular promotion.

And no wonder. That exclusive 20% offer brings in 31% more orders to participating Partners, making Tuesday the new Friday.

What’s more, 36% more new customers ordering for the first time place their order on Cheeky Tuesday. And with over 25,000 Restaurant Partners taking part it’s become something of a national treasure.

So this year, we’re looking to make Cheeky Tuesday even bigger and better. We’re putting more marketing behind it; more space on the app, more advertising on radio and in social media feeds to more customers.

That way we’re going to make Cheeky Tuesday the don’t-miss-this-deal event of the week.

Bring a Cheeky Tuesday smile to your face and sign up today. Here are a few of the ways we’ll make sure that no-one misses that you’re taking part:

Look out! It’s our new Cheeky Tuesday campaign

  • Email to customers linking them directly to Partners opted to Cheeky Tuesday
  • Social media adverts that link to Cheeky Tuesday Partners on the app
  • More promotion and visibility on the the app – everyone’s going to see it’s Cheeky Tuesday
  • Online banners that take customers to the app to order from their local Cheeky Tuesday Partners
  • New radio adverts reaching even more customers to spread the love for Cheeky Tuesday

Cheeky facts

36% more new customers order on Cheeky Tuesday

31% more orders come in on a Cheeky Tuesday

Terms: 31% uplift and 36% increase in customers are calculated on UK Restaurant Partners that opted in to Cheeky Tuesday between 29/9/20 and 17/11/20, were active at least four weeks before opt in date and were opted in for at least five consecutive weeks.