November 3, 2023 •

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An update on scammers

Scammers and fraudsters are getting more convincing in their efforts to steal your information and get access to your accounts. They’ll often do this by trying to persuade you to give out details about your bank accounts, or Just Eat accounts, over the phone or via WhatsApp.

Always be careful of unsolicited or unexpected calls, emails or messages that do things like:

  • Ask you for your Just Eat account, payment details, or passwords
  • Tell you a bill hasn’t been paid, ask you to add a new payment method, or that you’re due a commission refund and need to confirm your payment details
  • Say they’re from something like ‘Just Eat Support’ and need access to your computer, phone or tablet to fix it
  • Ask for your credit card details to ‘validate’ a version of software or something similar
  • The caller gets agitated or angry when you try to confirm that they are who they say they are

Just Eat has strict rules in place about what information we will ask you for, how and when.

WhatsApp and/or texts
Just Eat will never ask you for ANY personal information via Whatsapp or text (SMS) message. No first time contact is ever made via text or WhatsApp, but you can expect to hear updates from us via these channels.

Just Eat may call and ask for (or to confirm) some details, but this will only be in response to a problem, or change. We may also call you to see how you are getting on, or to offer help in getting you the most out of our partnership, but we will NEVER ask you for a password or your banking details.

If you’re in any doubt that it’s Just Eat you’re talking to you should hang up and contact us on 01872 7863 immediately.

Looking to update your Just Eat Partner details? You can do so by logging into the Just Eat Partner Hub. if you are unable to log into the Partner Hub you can email [email protected] or [email protected] for support.