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What is JUST EAT?
  • Just-Eat is a brand new tool - you don't need the internet to get internet orders
  • No expensive EPOS systems, unreliable fax solutions or clumsy emails
  • We help restaurants with online sales on
  • Restaurants receive a new and wider sales channel with unlimited possibilities
  • has a great, user-friendly website
  • The website is aimed at the majority of the population who want to eat quickly and easily
  • That's why we always keep up with new trends in the restaurant business. This gives restaurants a unique opportunity of fast and accurate advice
What does JUST EAT do?
  • Just-Eat provides easy and quick order processing
  • The customer orders from the restaurants menucard on
  • The restaurant receives the order via the JustConnect box (only requires a plug socket), containing all the necessary information - fast and simple
  • Just-Eat is being aggressively marketed
  • Collaboration with Ireland's largest websites
  • Local marketing
How can JUST EAT help your restaurant to fulfil its highest potential? 
  • Save money
  • Refocus your marketing priorities (Just-Eat markets aggressively)
  • Cheapest way to get online sales without having to "lift a finger" yourself
  • No need for staff to answer the phone when online!
  • Save time
  • Quicker and easier than taking orders through the phone
  • No misunderstandings about what is ordered and for whom
  • No misunderstandings about where and when the order is to be delivered
  • Earn more money
  • Restaurants improve efficiency by receiving orders throughout the day
Would you like to arrange a meeting? Contact us and find out more at
You can also contact your local area sales representative:


Steven O'Sullivan - 087-7548936
Declan Wynne - 087 2670235
Karl Branagan - 085 8570302
Cody Li - 087 7508772


You will increase the revenue per order by utilising our website's increased sales layout. It's that easy!
We will be happy to discuss how your restaurant can achieve greater success in the future by joining the Just-Eat Family.