Choose Your Winning Love Island Couple and We’ll Tell You Your Perfect Date Night Dish for the Finale!

The finale of Love island is merely days away and we’re not sure if we’re emotionally prepared for it all to be over just yet. So much has happened this season, countless re-couplings, eliminations left, right and center, but Love Island has managed to deliver true love for some lucky couples. TRUE LOVE IS REAL, and we don’t care what anyone says!

As the final approaches, we’re trying to figure out what kind of Just Eat feast we want to settle down with for our lil date night. And alas we’re taking inspiration from our final couples and matching them to some tasty dishes – so go ahead and choose your favourite couple and we’ll tell you what dish you should have for your Love Island date night. You can order your date night dish on Just Eat.

Laura & Paul – Pizza

Love Island - Laura and Paul

If you’ve pegged Laura and Paul as your winning couple, we can certainly understand why. Laura has been on quite the Love Island journey – with so many failed couplings before finally finding her perfect match in Paul, it just goes to show sometimes you’ve gotta try a few different options before finding your love. So with that, we believe your perfect date night dish for the finale should be a pizza dish. You can have whatever topping you like on a pizza but it’s important to try out different toppings until you find your perfect match, just like Laura! And eventually and deservedly you’ll find your perfect pizza toppings like Laura has found with Paul (cue prolonged *aww!*) True love prevails for all! Our true love for pizza has always been there though – that’s a love story for the ages. Order your date night pizza for the finale on Just Eat – true love delivered to your door!

Jack & Dani – Chicken Curry

Love Island - Jack and Dani

From the get-go these two lovebirds have been our favourites to snatch the Love Island crown; we rate them massively – the duo are constantly speaking the truth with their down to earth advice, and always up for a laugh. They’re also the Mom and Dad of the villa and it kind of makes our heart melt a little (if you haven’t gathered yet, we’re HEAVILY invested in this season). If Jack and Dani happen to be your winning couple too, we like to think the dish that matches them perfectly is the humble Chicken Curry – a simple dish that is both comforting and delicious. Maybe a little overlooked at times but is always consistently delicious and you’ll always find yourself coming back to it! The perfect date night dish for your Love Island watching – order your own from your local Chinese here.

Kaz & Josh – Burger and Fries

Love Island - Kaz and Josh

Burgers and fries have always gone well together and make the perfect date night dish, it’s just facts – similar to Kaz and Josh who were besotted with one another from the get-go. This couple have been committed to one another since they locked eyes. Although they have been called out for being a tad smug, we say everyone is just jealous of this gorgeous couple, let them crack on! If Kaz and Josh have your vote for King and Queen of the villa then we think burger and fries are your perfect date night dish for the finale. What could be more perfect? Nothing you say? Exactly! Get to ordering on Just Eat tonight.

Alex & Alexandra – 3 in 1

Love Island - Alex and Alexandra

Oh hell. So admittedly we may have matched up our couples and dishes before last night’s episode aired and before Alex revealed he doesn’t know where his head is at (still) and is the actual worst. So this is all a bit awkward, really, but we went to the bother writing it so you’re going to read it. We think our date night dish still stands, now hear us out! The 3 in 1; first let us clarify that Alex is the white rice and Alexandra is the chips and curry sauce, because duh. But who even needs the rice! Just have the chips and curry sauce. Also if you still choose this pairing as your winning couple, did you even watch this season! Or maybe you just want to have a 3 in 1 for your date night – and to be fair we don’t blame you. This option is also perfect for our single pringles out there, who even wants to share a 3 in 1? Not Alex, that’s for sure! Order yours here. One more thing; Alexandra is a sweet baby angel who deserved better!

Megan & Wes – Sushi

Love Island - Megan and Wes

We love sushi! And we love Megan and Wes, it just depends on the day, it has to be right. We can’t lie it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster (remember when Megan mugged off Wes for Alex – the drama!) for us with this stunning couple, some days we just weren’t feeling the dynamic and other days they made us believe in love again. But all in all, we think this couple has finally figured out where they’re at and it’s beautiful. So if this couple is your pick then you best order some sushi for your date night – like Megan and Wes it took us some time to figure out if we liked sushi, trying different options but now that we know what works – sushi all day every day, please!

Oi! Oi! Fancy a cheeky dessert with your date night dish? You can also get some ice cream treats delivered straight to your door on Just Eat – perfect for sharing, or not. Live your life!