“My week-long journey experiencing the flavours of the world on the Just Eat app, from the comfort of my own home.

I remember when I was growing up, the whole idea of “getting a takeaway” was limited to Chinese food, a curry, or pizza, which are still considered by many to be the holy trinity of the takeaway world. Despite this, in the past few years, the amount of new foods available on the Irish scene has absolutely exploded, and our palates have become more adventurous than ever before. With that in mind, I decided to go on a little food adventure from the comfort of my own home in Dublin 2 and see what Just Eat had to offer in terms of world cuisines.

The drop down menu on the side of the website and in the app showcasing all the different types of cuisine is a god-send, especially if you’re feeling indecisive. There’s everything from Asian fusion, to BBQ, Danish, Greek, Korean, Pakistani and LOADS more. There is quite literally something for every taste you can imagine, from the conservative eater, right up to the full blown grub-tourist!

My first stop:

marcus pitt bros just eat

The United States of America – BBQ – Pitt Bros – Monday

Stop number one in my epic food journey was to the southern states of America, via George’s St. Pitt Bros has been serving some of the best authentic low and slow BBQ in the city for the last few years, and to be able to lash in to slabs of melty brisket, proper pulled pork and smoked chicken is an absolute treat.

I have a DJ gig until 3am every Monday so generally spend my day at home looking for new tunes before a late night, so a good auld meaty feed does me very well, and Pitt Bros certainly delivers on that front. The meat is plentiful, cooked with a lot of love and come with a couple of whopper sides. I opted for the burnt end beans which are kind of like home made baked beans with chunks of brisket in there for good measure, and some corn on the cob, because eating your vegetables is very important when you’re also eating a huge box of meat.

I ordered the meat box (€19.95), which has enough chicken, brisket and pulled pork for two people and two sides, and I ordered a smoked chicken salad (€9.95) for lunch the next day, which was part me seeing how well a dedicated meat/BBQ joint could whip up a salad and me wanting to be somewhat healthy. It was absolutely whopper as well and well worth the money. Perfect start to the week!

marcus zambrero just eat

Stop #2 – Mexico – Zambrero – Tuesday

After the general escapades of Monday, i.e. eating a box of meat and then DJing late into the night in a warehouse on Andrew’s Lane, I wanted stop number two to be a little bit more considered, healthy and balanced, so I hitched my Just Eat-mobile (the imaginary food vehicle I’m travelling around the world in while lying hungover in bed) down south of the USA to the land of Tacos, Tequila and… something else that starts with T.

Zambrero is a tasty little Mexican number situated on the edge of Hatch St and Harcourt St, dishing out hundreds of burritos, tacos, salads and more to the hungry population of the area. I hadn’t had Zambrero before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect, and if I’m honest I had limited expectations as I’m pretty specific when it comes to my burritos.

Stop the lights this was delicious. Arrived in about 25 minutes and was handed over by a very kind and understanding Just Eat delivery guy to a dying Marcus in a bathrobe. Everything was absolutely nailed, I opted on a power-bowl (€11.10 after I added extra everything), which is like a burrito bowl with double meat (pork, in my case) with guacamole, two types of salsa, beans, jalapeños and a few other bits. Everything was fresh, perfectly seasoned and delicious. I was a happy little mister, eating a delicious burrito bowl in my bathrobe and everything was a whole lot better afterwards. Viva Mexico!

marcus umi just eat

Stop #3 – Palestine – Umi – Wednesday

Wednesday. Hump day. That negative slump in the middle of the week where you just need some love, affection and encouragement to make it to Friday. Emotional support came in the form of falafel for me this time around. For anyone who’s unsure of what falafel actually is, it’s a deep fried ball of chickpeas, garlic, herbs and spices, and when it comes to falafel in Dublin, Umi is without any question the top dog. I got the Palestinian sandwich which is a pita filled with falafel, tomato, pickles and a million other good things. The flavour was insane, everything was bursting with goodness and it’s totally veggie as well. I was having some friends over so I got some hummus and baba-ganoush as well, with some fresh baked breads, again, everything was perfectly seasoned and authentic. Umi is absolutely perfect for vegetarians, falafel sceptics or meat lovers.

marcus kanum just eat

Stop #4 – Thailand – Kanum – Thursday

Thailand, home of full moon parties, amazing food, and tiger sanctuaries that have sourced 90% of the pictures on my friends Tinder pictures. Thai food is fresh, full of herbs, lime, chilli and everything that’s good in the world, and with a huge selection of Thai places on Just Eat, it was hard actually nailing down a selection. After much deliberation between the fantastic Mao at home, the delish Koh and the kick ass Kanum, I decided to go for the latter after a certain menu item caught my attention.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the moment that the “Kanum super eats” entered my life. At just €9.99 INCLUDING A BOTTLE OF WATER, this absolutely kick ass salad is absolutely guaranteed to be a new regular menu item in Marcusland. A big stonking salad of spiralized carrot, courgette, prawns, chicken, a mountain of herbs, citrus and a beautiful asian dressing really set this apart for me. Big statement here, but I think in terms of flavour, convenience, health and value for money, this was probably the highlight of the week for me. Give it a go, I’m still drooling thinking about it.

marcus pie man just eat

Stop #5 – Ireland – Pieman – Friday

Just like any trip, you have to come home at the end, so I figured the only appropriate way to end this culinary odyssey was to finish the week by literally eating all the pies. The Pieman is based in Temple Bar and is a staple of Irish festivals, keeping partiers going through pastry. A good pie is one of those things that there actually is a bit of science too, and these beauties make me think that these were made by Albert Einstein (I apologise for nothing).

I got two pies, because you have to treat yourself sometimes. Coming in little individual boxes, a chicken, leek and cheddar pie and a traditional beef and Guinness pie were delivered to my door by a smiling man in a red jacket. First off, best surprise ever, THE PIES CAME WITH A FULL ON MUG OF GRAVY. I’m a firm believer that there aren’t many things in life that can’t be improved with the addition of gravy, which makes me a very awkward guest at stuff like christenings. The pies were on point, fillings were bursting with flavour, the crust was beautiful, shiny and complemented everything perfectly. What can I say, it’s a cracking pie, it’s like getting a hug off your granny on a cold day, except instead of an old woman, it’s a pastry filled with beef. Get on it, your tastebuds will thank you.

wine gif 3

Stop #6 – Wineries of the world – O’Brien’s – Saturday

Trying out cuisines from around the world is all well and good but a glass of wine would really go well with your favourite takeaway, right? There’s nothing worse than forgetting to stop off at the off-licence but fear not, Just Eat are here to make your life easier. They’ve teamed up with O’Briens to deliver a thirst-quenching service to over 20 suburbs in Dublin including their finest red and white wines, prosecco and even champagne! It’s a complete game changer!

And just like that, my 6 day trip around the world with Just Eat was over, it took me to places I’ve never been before, smashed my tastebuds apart and put them back together again, all from the comfort of my own home. There’s more cuisines than ever before available to order online with more being added all the time. Do what I did, get your Just Eat app open and treat yourself to a little food holiday of your own.