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Controversial question – Tipping, Yay or Nay? Should you tip? Let us know and you could and win a voucher.

Is it a great way of rewarding your trusty takeaway driver, or is it a huge imposition for something you’ve already paid for?

At JUST EAT, a lot of us have worked in  jobs where tipping comes as standard, so we can appreciate both sides of the argument – the gratitude you feel when somebody rewards you for going that extra mile, but also the disappointment that comes with someone being rude or just giving you rubbish service.

Get involved – let us know what you think and you could win one of two €20 Vouchers. 

What makes you want to tip?

Do you hand over your cash with a hug and a high five, or do you do it because you feel an awkward guilt? Maybe you don’t even think about it – for some, it’s as simple as ‘keep the change’, and then closing the door. That’s fair enough.

Maybe you’re the exact opposite. You’ve already paid for you takeaway, and don’t see why you should have to pay anything extra. Which is  fair enough too.

It could even be a practical issue – loads of people prefer JUST EAT because you don’t need cash, so to keep some cash on hand for you delivery driver seems a bit pointless. In that case, is there anything your delivery driver could do to change your mind?

Why Should You Tip?

1. It’s Generous. Someone made your lazy night in a reality. They deserve a tip.

2. It Builds a Relationship. You’ve been ordering from that place for two years. It’s a good way to build up a rapport.

3. It Improves Service. If getting regular tips as a delivery driver becomes a serious possibility, then delivery drivers will do their best to make sure they get those tips, right? It’s called a ‘virtuous circle’.

Why Shouldn’t You Tip?

1. You Haven’t Eaten Yet. If you’ve never ordered from a place before, you might want to try the food before you tip them.

2. It Becomes Automatic. If tipping becomes automatic, then it could mean that staff stop going the extra mile to earn a tip.

3. It Doesn’t Reward All Staff. The delivery driver is just one small part of the chain that’s delivering your takeaway – what about the chef who cooked your food or the person who washes the pans it was cooked in?

Leave us a comment, let us know why you’re pro or anti-tipping.

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