Hi everyone!

So we asked on twitter yesterday why you thought #justeatrocks – we also said that when you entered, you were in with the chance of winning some Just-Eat merchandise.

Well, we got some really cool and creative replies (thanks!) and we’ve listed the 10 winning ones below!


Sinéad NicDhiarmada (@shoobz) who said:

‘I love Just Eat because I can make food come to my house without all that messy speaking to human beings #justeatrocks’


R. Pattersonn (@rpattersonn) who said:

‘#justeatrocks because I don’t have to leave the house to get food which is good in this weather and easier than over the phone’


Robyn T Morton (@robyntmorton) who said:

‘Answering why #justeatrocks in a tweet is like asking Shakespare to condense Hamlet to 140 characters.  Impossible!’ (we really like that one!)


Kylie Carter (@kyliebaybee123) who said:

‘#justeatrocks just because there is loads of choices on what I can have on a Friday when I don’t want to cook’ (we totally agree!)


Grainne Halligan (@grainnehalligan) who said:

‘#justeatrocks because I don’t have to cook!’


Stephen Giles (@stegiles) who said:

‘I love Just-Eat because it’s incredibly hassle free and their twitter staff are always a good laugh #justeatrocks’ – aww thanks!


Jen Carey (@jen_carey_) who said:

‘Why do I like Just-Eat? Because #justeatrocks’ – short and sweet Jen – we like it!


Sam McLoone (@mclooner) who said:

‘The best selection of fast food and quick delivery!  And they’re good banter #justeatrocks’


Cian Crowdy (@ciancr) who said:

‘I like using @JustEatIreland because I can use my card or pay when it arrives to my door – plus it’s quick! #justeatrocks’


And finally, our favourite comes from A Cole (@antoswords) who said:

‘Well, it saves me cooking, which in turn saves gas, which then reduces my carbon footprint #ecoeater #justeatrocks’ – love it!


We’ll be in touch with all of the winners and of course, as per usual, plenty more competitions on the horizon!

Thanks everyone – #justeatrocks!