The 4th of July, that all American holiday conjures up  images of good weather, burgers, hot dogs and fries!

Celebrate this weekend with top quality U. S of A takeaway treats delivered right to your door on JUST EAT!

Burgers and Hot Dogs

hotdogs JUST EAT

Hold onto your buns because it doesn’t get more American than Burgers and Hotdogs. Rockin’Joes and Eddie Rockets are the perfect takeaways to order along with your freedom on JUST EAT!



Think Frank Underwood, the ultimate all American-Man and his love of ribs. Order amazing Ribs from PittBros tonight on JUST EAT!

Southern Fried Chicken

southern fried chicken burger JUST EAT

Southern Fried Chicken may be the most iconic all American food! Smokin Bones and Camden Rotisserie are just some of the takeaways on JUST EAT that can fulfill all your chicken related dinner dreams.


Klaw Lobster Rolls JUST EAT

Have your very own Hamptons style Lobster Buffet delivered to your door in Dublin with Klaw on JUST EAT! You can even order a Bloody Mary to go!



Since America is a melting-pot of cultures and so we’ve included Mexican in our delicious list. Mamas Revenge and Burritos and Blues and Saburrito are just some of the yummy Tex- Mex and Mexican takeaways you can order on JUST EAT.


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