Grub expert Dr Carina Norris advises on all things curry this week. Earn some ‘good korma’ by checking out this healthy advice…

lamb bhuna

A bit bold – lamb bhuna
Although lamb bhuna is one of the drier curries, with just a little sauce clinging to the meat, looks can be deceptive, and it’s still a very rich dish (although nowhere near as oily as other Indian dishes – like a creamy lamb korma). Go easy with your calories the rest of the day, and choose a low-fat accompaniment like a portion of plain boiled rice.


veg jalfrezi

The healthier choice – veg jalfrezi
All those peas, potatoes, carrots, cauliflower and peppers provide vitamins, plus fibre which helps keep your digestive system and your cholesterol level healthy. And sometimes there are chickpeas in there too, with the added bonus of protein, but without the saturated fat found in meat.


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