Hmm…so let’s face it – nowadays – everything is about the convenience – how fast it can get to you in the post, can you download it – will it save you the hassle of doing whatever.

However – there are certain things (i.e. cooking) that should just be left to the professionals.  Bringing in ‘gadgets’ to fix problems that should have never existed in the first place is a little bit dodgy.

Here are some of our….’quirky’ gadgets:

1) The RoboStir

Looks like something out of War of the Worlds?

2) The Perfect Meatloaf Pan

Well, things are always hot coming out of the oven so maybe this isn’t such a bad invention all the same.  Least it means you won’t burn your hands!

3) The Soda Caddy

This looks quite interesting – might be pretty handy too to use!

4) The Inflatable Buffet

Pop up food?  Could be a runner!


And finally….

5) The Better Bagger

This is genius!

Any ideas on other wacky kitchen ideas?