American food. It’s crazy delicious.

Thick, juicy burgers, crunchy fried chicken, and gooey chocolate fudge cake – even on a good day, we have a hard time saying no (not that we’d ever want to).

But if you’re serious about a night in with top-quality American treats, then you’ve got to do it right. We suggest you grab most pro-American movie you can find (it has to be Independence Day), some American beer, and the biggest cowboy hat you can find. 

Check out the best darn eating to come out of the good ol’ US of A:

God bless you, boys.

Mains – Fried Chicken vs. Bacon Cheeseburger

To open, we’ve given you two options. The first is succulent pieces of chicken, coated in batter, and then blasted in a deep frier. The result? The best kind of chicken on the planet. Absolutely delicious, and dangerously more-ish. The next is a thick, juicy beef patty, covered in big chunks of cheddar and topped with a couple rashers of delicious bacon. Then pair it with a thick milkshake. Go crazy, get the best kind – the kind with booze in. That’s how you really celebrate freedom.

Option #1 Fried Chicken

Mr T-Bone would approve.

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Option #2 Bacon Cheeseburger

The secret ingredient is delicious.

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Sides – Onion Rings vs Spicy Potato Wedges

What’s that? You wanted french fries? Well tough luck, buddy. It’s battle of the grown-up fried foods – crispy onion rings and thick, fluffy potato wedges. The first is deceptively simple – thin rings of onion, deep fried to perfection. The second? Thick wedges of potato, seasoned with savoury Cajun spices. Choose!

Option #1 Onion Rings

Make it double US of A style and stick them in a burger!

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Option #2 Spicy Potato Wedges

We like ours drowned in BBQ sauce.

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Dessert – Chocolate Fudge Cake vs. Apple Pie

Apple pie doesn’t stand a chance. Fruit or a giant slab of chocolate cake? No contest.

Ladies and gentlemen, we offer the king of desserts: chocolate fudge cake. Pair it with a little bit of vanilla ice cream – you’ll be in heaven. Seriously. We tried it. It’s kind of scary.

Option #1 Chocolate Fudge Cake

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Option #2 – Apple Pie

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Picked your favourites? Good. Now get out there, and make Will Smith proud.

Which of these Yankee treats couldn’t you live without? Get your burger fries and milkshake on tonight on here