2018 has been a very exciting year! Jam packed full of eventful moments – some of our personal highlights being Taste of Dublin, Love Island, Big Grill, and Electric Picnic. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Even more so for our hungry customers! We’re taking a look back on 2018 the only way we know how – through food. So we’re going to take you through our Top 10 dishes of 2018 on Just Eat.

Warning: if any of the below dishes give you food FOMO we have conveniently left some links to order from on Just Eat – delivered straight to your door. Lucky you!


Pizza | Just Eat

We had to start with pizza – it’s a perfect dish that is ideal for sharing with family and friends or a cheeky night in by yourself so we can see why it’s a top dish of 2018. This is going to be our go-to dish to order on Just Eat over the Christmas holidays – so ideal for sharing and customising for any and all flavours. Find a pizza place near you on Just Eat – delivered to your door.

Spice Bag

Spice Bag | Just Eat

Are any of us surprised to see this beauty on the list? Who isn’t partial to a sneaky spice bag. It’s a little piece of heaven and we won’t hear a bad word about them! The perfect mix of crispy shredded chicken, chips, peppers, fried onions and plenty of spices. If you haven’t tried this Irish phenomenon yet – then now’s your chance, Six Happiness do one tasty Spice Bag and it’s definitely worth an order.


Falafel | Just Eat

The veggie lifestyle really is becoming increasingly popular amongst the general population. Especially the flexitarian one (if you’re not sure what that means, check out our blog post on that). We’re a big fan of falafel here at Just Eat so we’re delighted to see so many of you are also. It’s hard to beat that refreshing mix of flavours from the ground chickpeas and herbs with its Egyptian flare. It really is perfect for a lunchtime pick-me-up, served in a pita with pickled vegetables and usually a tahini sauce. One of our favourite places to order falafel is O’Falafel, they have a great range of choices to choose from.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai | Just Eat

This dish has been around for quite some time now but it still remains as popular as ever. This aromatic iconic Thai dish is definitely high up on our own personal list so we’re happy to see it here too. A noodle dish flavoured with garlic, red chili, fish sauce, and choice of meat (typically chicken) topped with a lime wedge and chopped roasted peanuts. If that isn’t perfection, then what is? Mao has some delish Thai dishes, including Pad Thai of course and we recommend getting all the family around and sharing a few dishes altogether.

Chicken Fillet Burger

Chicken Fillet Burger | Just Eat

There are so many ways to dress up a chicken fillet burger, with avocado, bacon, cheese or tomato. Whatever way you like to order yours it sure is a hit with a lot of us. And can you blame us, it’s a classic order and always a winner in our eyes. Chicken burgers for the win. Check out Borza for a Chicken Fillet Burger – they also have some great meal deal options.

Fresh Cod

Fish & Chips | Just Eat

It’s hard to beat a classic when looking to order something on Just Eat. So we can definitely understand why Fresh Cod is a popular order amongst Just Eat users. There might be over 100 cuisine types on Just Eat but sometimes it pays off to stick to an old favourite. Throw in some chips and maybe a cheeky battered sausage and you have yourself a nice little feast. The Fish Bar has a whole range of fish options to choose from, Fresh Cod to Scampi – whatever your flavour.

Massaman Curry

Massaman Curry | Just Eat

Definitely one of the milder curries on a menu but still deliciously rich and hearty – ideal for a cosy night on the sofa. Commonly made with chicken this curry is full of flavour from herbs and spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, cumin, bay leaves, and nutmeg. It is usually eaten with rice and is a perfect dish to share with friends. With ingredients like that, we can see why it’s a top dish of 2018. Blue Orchard have some fabulous curries to choose from all of which warrant an order in our eyes.

Burrito Bowl

Burrito Bowl | Just Eat

Mexican food is definitely one of our top orders on the weekends – it’s hard to beat a fresh burrito bowl full of healthy goodness. And if you don’t add guac – well we’re just gonna ignore that. It completes the bowl! We love changing up our order with different salsas and it’s such a tricky choice between pulled pork and beef barbacoa. Sometimes it’s best to get both! For a heavenly burrito bowl of your very own check out VERDE on Just Eat – it’ll be your new go-to spot for Mexican cuisine.

Avocado Maki

Sushi | Just Eat

Another veggie winner in our top dishes, and it’s a good one too! Sushi is always a good choice and we love this simple yet healthy dish. Cucumber, avocado all rolled in sushi rice and wrapped in seaweed. Served with soy sauce and voila! Perfection! Order yours from any of our sushi restaurants on Just Eat!

Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry | Just Eat

We’d have to have a little spice in our Top Dishes of 2018 and it was a close call between some other popular curries but the Thai Green Curry took the crown for spicy dishes. It’s a perfect dish to curl up with on a cold winters night – the mouth-watering coconut, aromatic flavours are making us want to order one right now. And no better place then Narra Thai & Asian Restaurant – a delish menu worth exploring if you want to try something new.

Have you tried all of the Top Dishes of 2018 on Just Eat? If not, why not try something new over the Christmas holidays – we’ll make it easy for you by delivering it straight to your door. Check out all of our options over on the Just Eat app.