St. Patrick’s Day taken its toll? Fear not, we’ve put together the top eight dishes for your ultimate takeaway recovery feast, sure to get you back on track!

Spice Bags

Spice Bag | St. Patrick's Day

This spicy miracle has been curing our morning-after fear for some time now. You just can’t deny that crispy chicken, chips, and mystery blend of Chinese spices all shaken up in a bag of goodness! Snuggle up to a spice bag from your local Chinese on Just Eat


Kebab | St. Patrick's Day

As recovery feasts go, the kebab is up there as one of our favourites, the perfect mixture of sweet and spicy sauces, succulent lamb shish or lamb donner depending on your flavour, all wrapped up in warm bread – what could be better. Order yours on Just Eat from numerous restaurants nationwide including Kebab Palace in Drogheda, Mixor Kebab House in Killarney and Istanblue Kebab in Navan. 

3 in 1

3 in 1 | St. Patrick's Day

Definitely one of Ireland’s favourite takeaway dishes. The simple 3 in 1 is the perfect recovery meal, carbs and more carbs with curry sauce (or swap it out for sweet and sour if you’re feeling adventurous), what more could you want! Try one from Lets Eat 3 in 1 in Donegal, Fine Rice in Dublin and in 3 in 1 Skibbereen Cork.


Chicken Curry | St. Patrick's Day

A curry is never too far from our thoughts, anything from a creamy Korma to a Thai Green Curry for that hit of heat sounds like a perfect takeaway for this bank holiday weekend. Check out the curries you can take away all over Ireland on Just Eat.


Burger | St. Patrick's Day

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than a proper burger. Craft your burger with Just Eat to tantalise the tastebuds for the perfect recovery meal this Paddy’s weekend. Take a look at The Counter Burger in Dublin, Box Burger in Wickow and Five Guys in Dundrum.

Loaded Fries

Loaded Fries | St. Patrick's Day

The diversity of loaded fries is what makes this dish so special! So whatever your St. Patrick’s Day recovery needs are we’ve got you covered. Discover Taco Fries from Abrakababra in Dublin and Cheese & Bacon fries at Burger Mac in Enniscorthy.

Chicken Fried Rice

Fried Rice | St. Patrick's Day

Asian cuisine is as good a call as any for a recovery day meal. Chicken fried rice ticks a lot of boxes for the ideal Asian dish, rice, veggies, garlic and soy sauce all packed into one powerful dish, so what are you waiting for? Get ordering with Just Eat.

Tikka Masala

Tikka Masala | St. Patrick's Day

A classic Indian dish – and hugely popular for its creamy spice mixture sauce. Wrap up with a chicken tikka masala and recover in peace. Go on, you’ve earned it! Order now from Spice of India in Dublin and Masala House in Wicklow.