According to a recent report in The Guardian, takeaway food is now acceptable to use at dinner parties!  Why bother cooking at all – all you’ve got to remember to do is heat the plates and set the table.  But shhhh don’t tell those coming! You’re a culinary genius already right?

To make sure that you can convince everyone that your pasta ravioli is just divine, we’ve listed the steps below you need to follow for the ultimate ‘easy’ dinner party….

Step 1.  Timing

Plan ahead. Order something at noon and pick it up this evening (you know have a  fancy pre-ordering service don’t you?). But if you’re anything like us, this’ll be a last minute thing. Pick something you could have easily cooked in that time – a stir fry’s a lot quicker than a pizza. Just remember: be plausible. If you answer the door to a guy in a motorcycle helmet holding a pizza, there’s going to be a few raised eyebrows.

Pizza - The Ultimate Dinner Party - via

Step 2.  Picking the right food

This is a tricky one. The most important thing is to pick something that isn’t obviously a takeaway.  Some of the old classics are off the table – nobody’s going to believe you really made that bright red, creamy Tikka Masala. Chicken Biryani, though? You totally could’ve cooked that.

Stir Fry's on via

Step 3.  Hiding the evidence

Once your food’s arrived, get rid of the real evidence and create some fake. Throw those wannabe CSI agents off the scent. First, throw out the takeaway boxes, throw away the receipt. Second, put your food into pots and pans. Heat it a bit, so it’s got that just-cooked temperature. Nobody will ever know!

Chinese - via

Step 4.  Presentation

The time has come – the guests have arrived – now it’s time to serve up your culinary delights.  Enjoy!  Oh and make sure you clean off the table – just in case they see the bag in the utility room!

Presenting your delicious food - (image via: FoodGawker)

Have you tried anything like this before?  Let us know below!