Listen, we’ve all been there. When the food envy just becomes too real to function. Perhaps you’ve just come home and your housemate has ordered a delish Pad Thai on Just Eat and you’re faced with cooking your own dinner. Or your significant other sends you a pic of their heavenly Poke Bowl they got delivered for lunch and you wonder why you got shafted with this basic sandwich. The food envy really can hit you at any time but typically there are four stages of how this develops, we’ve used a case study below to demonstrate.

Do you find yourself going through the below stages? Or maybe you go straight in at number four? Let us know!

Stage 1: Denial

Food Envy | Just Eat

This might be the worst stage of them all. You smell that delish pizza as soon as you step inside the door after a long day – how could your housemate do this to you, you think! You quickly tell yourself who cares, you’ll just make your own dinner and it’ll be the same. Pizza? Pft. Unbothered. *stares loving at the pizza wishing it was yours*

Stage 2: Anger

Food Envy | Just Eat

Oh my GOD! They got chips and garlic sauce too. That is just uncalled for. You’ve officially entered the anger stage. The betrayal of your housemate – they know your one true weakness and are just parading it there in front of you. *contemplates moving to remove such negative people out of your life and also asking for a slice of pizza – can’t decide*

Stage 3: Bargaining

Food Envy | Just Eat

Ok, so maybe you could ask for a small slice and still make dinner after. And maybe a cheeky chip too, you know to get the full experience. Welcome to the bargaining stage. Your housemate can’t possibly be able to eat the whole dish themselves – you’re just being helpful! We’ll just sit here and see if they offer. *thinks about how you’re such a good friend helping them out like this while continuing to make unbroken eye contact with the pizza*

Stage 4: Acceptance

Food Envy | Just Eat

You know what?! You’ve been good all week, (this is the acceptance stage) you too deserve a treat! It’s a miserable night out and maybe a pizza would be the perfect way to brighten up your evening! Oh or maybe some Thai food? It’s so hard to choose. This is your housemate’s fault! They made the food envy too real with that pizza and you’re about to put on a movie to watch – Just Eat and a movie? What could be better! *Opens Just Eat to order*

Do you feel exposed? We most certainly do! Sometimes the food envy hits and that’s just how it be – only one thing for it! Just Eat – delivered to your office or door. The food envy really is real!