There are a few things that are just not acceptable on a first date. Here are five of the major first date no-nos.

The rude one

Being rude to the waiter, bar staff or any other human stranger. Thanks for letting me know that you’re a terrible person straight away, so I don’t have to waste any time figuring it out for myself.

rude gif JUST EAT dealbreakers

The Plate Licker

Oh the sauce was nice was it? Put. The. Plate. Down. Someone that has table manners equivalent to that of an alley cat is definitely not getting a second date.

shocking dealbreaker JUST EAT gif

The Gordon Ramsay

We do not care how much your housemates loved your cooking in college, or how accurately you follow your grandmother’s recipes. Inviting us into your humble abode to watch you reenact master chef is not first date material.

bad cooking gif

The Eager Beaver

The ‘thanks for a great night’ text after the first date is sweet. An essay documenting their strong feeling towards you, not so sweet. Next thing you know they’re cutting pieces of your hair off, saving your napkin at dinner and slipping your used wineglass into a ziploc bag. Oh and then there is the “I’m never washing again”, in a bid not to lose your smell… Because that’s not creepy at all.

eagar texting gif

The Ex Factor

They didn’t just mention what we think they did, did they? Any one that monopolises the first date conversation with stories about their ex is instantly a goner.


At JUST EAT we know what makes for a perfect first date. And second date for that matter.

We promise never to be rude to the waiter. Never to lick the plate. We don’t mind sharing our chips. We’ll remember just what you like to order. We think you still look great after a long day at work. You go get into your pyjamas and let us take care of dinner.

So what do you say…