You sit down to enjoy your sushi takeaway dinner, fill your soy sauce dish to the top, mix in a chunk of wasabi and add a heap of pickled ginger on top. You’ve just broken 3 out of the 5 sushi commandments. Get your sushi from JUST EAT tonight and check out the etiquette tips that will allow you to integrate seamlessly into any authentic sushi-eating situation.


1. Thou Shalt Not Drown Thy Sushi 

You ordered sushi because you like the delicate and diverse flavors, right? Submerging a piece of sushi in soy sauce can ruin the very taste of everything that you have ordered.

2. Honour Thy Ginger

The fresh or pickled ginger that is provided with virtually every sushi dish is to cleanse the palate between different cuts of fish, or at the end of the meal. Heaping it on top of a slab of fresh tuna or yellowtail makes it impossible to taste the actual fish.

3. Diversify Your Order

Beginner sushi eaters will often order rolls, which many consider a tasty, and safe, bet. Experienced sushi eaters like sushi for the distinct tastes of each type of fish, and not for the disproportionate amounts of rice and seaweed you tend to get in a roll. We’re not against ordering rolls. Why not branch out next time?

4. Thou Shalt Not Covet Wasabi

Contrary to popular belief, it is not recommended to add wasabi to your dish of soy sauce. If you require a little extra kick to your sushi, administer the wasabi directly onto your cut of fish (there will likely already be a thin coating), rather than mixing more flavors.

5. Thou Shall Use Soy Correctly

You may be tempted, but don’t pour soy sauce on your rice. Japanese people take a ridiculous amount of pride in their rice. It’s all about the texture and the subtle flavors of the grains, so if you add soy sauce to the mix, you will appear to be destroying something beautiful.

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