13th June: JUST EAT, Ireland’s leading takeaway app, has today announced the extension of the much celebrated JUST EAT Waiter Service across a number of Ireland’s top music and food festivals this summer.

The JUST EAT Waiter Service involves JUST EAT waiters taking festival goers’ orders and delivering it straight back to them while they relax and chill out. The JUST EAT Waiter Service was hugely successful at Taste of Dublin, the Big Grill and Electric Picnic last year – the first time that a brand has every brought an activation of this kind. Festival goers appreciated the extra touch of luxury that food delivery brought to their overall festival experience.


The unique activation is being rolled out as part of JUST EAT’s sponsorship of the top summer festivals of 2016, including Body&Soul, Taste of Dublin, City Spectacular in Dublin and Cork, Interlude, Sea Sessions, the Big Grill and Electric Picnic. Ahead of the busy festival season, JUST EAT conducted a survey to find out people’s favourite festival foods at Irish festivals, top festival accessories, biggest festival disasters and the most popular recovery options.

JUST EAT Festival Food Survey Results 2016 infographic

An overwhelming majority (90%) of respondents agreed that the food offering at a festival is important, with 35% of festival goers saying they will be looking for a variety of food options at this summer’s festivals, highlighting the importance of range and choice at this summer’s festivals.

The survey revealed that the classic burger and chips is Ireland’s favourite festival food, followed by the trusted pizza. The survey also showed that there is a shift towards healthy food options at festivals, with falafel (10%) and Thai (11%) coming in at third and fourth amongst festival attendees.

Over half (51%) of festival goers have a daily festival budget of €10-€20, while 24% have a budget of €20-€30, and 14% of people survive on a budget of under €10 a day.

The survey found that festival goers this year will be on the lookout for gourmet burger and barbeque food (35%) and Mexican food (16%) as well as gluten free options, smoothies and salads and veggie choices. The survey also found that Ryan Reynolds and Emilia Clarke are the top celebrities Irish people would love to share their chips with at one of this year’s summer festivals.

Irish people’s “must-haves” at festivals were also revealed, with portable phone chargers coming in at #1 as the top festival accessory and baby wipes coming in at #2. The unpredictable Irish weather at festivals also impacts what we pack, with oversized jumpers, wellies and sunglasses all ranking highly as top festival accessories.

Nearly half (47%) of respondents said that a lost phone is the ultimate festival disaster, again highlighting our love for our phones, with lost pals (20%) and a lost bag (16%) also ranking high as festival mishaps.

The majority of festival goers agree that a trusted takeaway, a day off work and some sleep are the best ways to recover after a festival. The survey found that Chinese is the top festival recovery takeaway cuisine, saving the day for 45% of respondents, while pizza (21%), chipper (12%) and Thai (7%) are also common recovery mode choices.

Edel Kinane, Marketing Director, JUST EAT Ireland said; “After successfully piloting our JUST EAT Waiter Service at a number of festivals last year we are extending the JUST EAT activation across Ireland’s top summer music and food festivals this summer. JUST EAT is all about spreading happiness and ensuring that people enjoy themselves. One of the big bug bears for festival goers over the years was the need to leave a great spot and go to queue for food. We are delighted that as part of our sponsorship of Ireland’s most popular festivals that we are bringing this touch of extra service that our customers are used to getting from JUST EAT. We are proud to be one of Ireland’s biggest festival sponsors and are pleased that one element of our activation is proving so popular with attendees.”

“Our festival survey uncovered some of the top experiences Irish people would like to see at this summer’s festivals, with many stating that having someone order and deliver their food would add greatly to their festival experience, so we are delighted to be able to offer this service to Irish festival-goers this year.”