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Winter Warmers on Just Eat

15th November 2016

Yes it’s that time of year again. Winter is not coming, Winter is here. And unfortunately we humans haven’t evolved the ability to hibernate yet so we need to deal with the colder months… Read more

Review of the week JUST EAT 9TH June 2016

Review of the Week 11th of November 2015

11th November 2015

This week’s review of the week goes to Aaron for his review of Golden Star in Athlone. “It’s hard to not go ‘prawn crackers’ over Golden Star’s Chinese food! There… Read more

10 Feelings Everyone has when Ordering Takeaway

10 Feelings Everyone has when Ordering Takeaway

10th July 2015

It’s happened. The hangries have set in and your rage is bordering on murderous. You can’t quite put your finger on a fix. Suddenly, the light bulb moment: you’re gonna order takeaway. 1. Feeling:… Read more

New Takeaways Around Dublin

New Takeaways Around Dublin

8th July 2015

Every month JUST EAT is signing up more and more of your favourite local takeaways! #minifistpump Check out some of the new takeaways now available online on JUST EAT. You can order on the app tonight!… Read more

Find Your New Local on JUST EAT

Find Your New Local Takeaway

1st July 2015

Heading away this summer? Well, no matter where in the country you find yourself, we’ve got you covered! #minifistpump Check out some of the great takeaways around the country available through JUST… Read more