SummerPosted on 13.11.2013

Dine Hard – 10 Hilariously Good Movie Puns

What are the two most important things in the world? Film & Food. Nothing compares to curling up on the sofa, ordering a takeaway, and watching Harrison Ford nick priceless artifacts. But maybe that isn’t enough for you. Maybe you need to go that one step further, and pack your walls with some dedicated movie-food art. Oh, and we’ll chuck in some puns for your trouble.

These posters are the work of the Tumblr, SnackToTheFuture, which takes classic films and gives them a food twist. Take a look.

Snack To The Future

Marty McFly travels back to 1959. They had way better burgers back then.


Nobody had the heart to tell Nicolas Cage there weren’t any baking scenes in Face/Off.

Jurassic Pork

The best kind of slow-roast. 65 million years in the making.

The 40 Year Old Vegan

He’s a vegan! He’s 40! Summer smash hit, waiting to happen.

Life of Pie

The Journey of a Pieftime.

StarBurst Troopers

Things get pretty sticky toward the end.

Brie Willy

The heartbreaking relationship between a 12 year old boy and a giant piece of French cheese. Jump Brie Jump!


It’s a soup inside a soup. Inside a bowl in some guy’s mind. SOUPCEPTION.

The King’s Peach

It’s actually the same peach from James and the Giant Peach. He’s moved onto serious stuff.

Wok The Lime

Joaquin Phoenix in Johnny Cash’s journey to cook the perfect Pad Thai.

We’ve come up with a few of our own:

Chronicles of Naan-ia
Return of the Pad-Thai
St. Elmo’s Fryer 
The Grilling Fields 
Mean Seasoning 
Big Teriyaki in Little China 
Dumplings and Dragons 
Indiana Scones
It’s a Wonderful Lunch 
Starch Trek
The Lord of Onion Rings