Our first review of the week January 2015 is Stephanie and her review of Pizza Max Coolmine. Stephanie has won a 20 Euro JUST EAT voucher to use for her next order. Check out her review below.


review of the week JUST EAT

“If you’ve never tried Pizza Max before I would recommend this take away so much, you’ll be converted forever.

Their pizzas are unbelievably good, like better than any other pizzeria (The bases are perfect, thick, super thick or thin and the range of sauces for your pizza base are great). It’s sad but I was actually excited when I heard they’d extended their delivery service to where I currently live. We ordered a Super Spicy this time, thin base with taco base sauce and extra chili. I can’t begin to describe how perfect this pizza was. The jalapenos were that rare sort that are actually spicy jalapenos(!), the chili beef just delicious and the the crust: it’s so so good. The pizza looked like something from an ad, it was just the ‘perfect pizza’ in look and taste. Side 1 was chips, HUGE portion, like easily 3 singles in it and then fantastic chicken wings (really crispy and big) and it was all still hot.

We got a 12″ pizza (extremely generous with the toppings too!), two sides (chips and wings), 3 dips and a 1.5 litre of ice cold 7 Up for €16.50 which it unheard of in other places and such brilliant value. My boyfriend, my sister and my boyfriend’s sister are now devout Pizza Max fans and understand why I kept going on about these guys and they’ve said they probably won’t be able to try Dominos ever again without being disappointed after having had Pizza Max (It’s that good!).

The deals are brilliant and well matched for whatever size of a party or group you’re ordering for. Plus they will completely cater to any specifications or dietary issues if they can help. I don’t think I’ll ever be as happy with any other pizzeria here after trying Pizza Max. But do be warned, the spicy options are bloody spicy so if you’re only a slight spice fan, don’t get the jalapenos, the chilli shake is more than enough, Super Spicy is an appropriate name for the pizza! The American Hot, California and the White House are also great. And, believe it or not, their crab claws (yup, CRAB CLAWS) are just unbelievable. I think it’s shredded crab with the claw skewered in but they’re the size of my fist! Cannot recommend these guys enough. Will probably hate them when I have to be airlifted out of my house though….”

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