This week’s review of the week goes to Finbar and his review of TacoTime-Smithfield Dublin.

“My mind was blown when I saw this menu, I had no idea where to begin my order from, everything sounded so amazing. I settled for the chicken chimichanga and decided to push boundaries and get the pepperoni garlic cheese chips. Well, let me tell you fellow food eating friend, this meal, this meal was excellent.

Excellent. I was so skeptical, I’ve had burritos delivered before from other restaurants and they would arrive stone cold and tasteless, these were rather warm and delightful, with a delightful sour tartness.

The pepperoni garlic cheese chips are a revolutionary idea, which goes to show that there’s always room for innovation and genius among the chip world. The delivery was super fast, the driver was polite, friendly, the whole experience was as welcoming and as spiritually engaging as getting into a hot bubble bath of holy water.

I’d recommend it to all my friends and family and I can see myself using this service long into my life from here on out. Such glorious institution. Such culinary excellence. Long live Taco Time, from now til the end.”

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