This week’s review of the week goes to Karen with her review of Mama House in Cork.

“Everytime we’re in the mood for Chinese (which is often let’s be real) we get Mama House. Why? Because plain and simple; it’s the best. Mama House have the nicest Spicy box of the Chinese restaurants that deliver to my house. I want to say the whole of Cork but I’m not really able to test that statement, so I won’t say that.

The salt and pepper chips are my particular favourite, but everytime I try something new I’m pleasantly surprised. One of the best things about Mama House is the customer service and speed. All of the girls that deliver the food are so nice and friendly, as well as everyone I’ve ever spoken to on the phone. And it’s always delivered very quickly, way quicker than the Chinese restaurant that’s just down the hill from me, that usually takes about an hour.

It’s amazing, I love it. This last order that we made was great, all the food was delicious, hot, and delivered so fast; They even threw in chicken wings on the house! It was so lovely, would order from them for the rest of time. Definitely my favourite. X”

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