This week’s review of the week goes to Daneeka and their review of Plaza Inn in Kimmage:

“First of all I would like to say how great the JUST EAT service, allows you to order food within seconds and it’s variety is amazing, I ordered the Plaza inn, it gave me every option I needed to choose the perfect meal.

I went for the delicious spice bag, rice and curry sauce, may I say the food was outstanding, the amazing mix between spice and salt and flavours in the spicebag and the amazing shreds of crispy chicken, ( can’t forget the chicken ) they also put onions in my curry sauce without asking with which I was delighted with and for only €2.00 too.

It was amazing, and the rice was also outstanding, all thanks to JUST EAT since I had no credit, ever since then I have always been using JUST EAT whether it’s Chinese, burgers, pizza, Thai, Indian, any cuisine you name it and it’s there. I would highly recommend it to anyone it’s amazing.”

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