This week’s review goes to David and his review of Que Huong Vietnamese Restaurant in Dublin.

“Mesmeric, when the food appeared I believed I was a hallucinating it was so beyond my belief structure of reality. Utterly bewitching blend before me staggering my consciousness to a stupor of desire. An opposite to the brute ugliness of Picasso, meet the tightly woven blend of symmetrical passionate purity. It’s image rang clear with the a harmony that is felt, not possibly forced into the ugly broken shape of words.

If it was a sound, it would be an note or octave that humans have not yet felt. My witnessing of it brought a tranquil quality to my life amidst constant incessant stress-beast of Dublin city. As a smell, taste and delicious concoction, I believe only my last supper could compare for the spiritual appreciation I felt for the gifts of life.

Overall I think it was nice and worth a try.”

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