The Bank Holiday weekend is almost upon us. Frankly, we can’t wait – summer feels like it’s just around the corner and we’re ready to get some friends round and have a fun night celebrating the fact that we don’t have to get up early on Monday morning. So with that in mind, we’ve put together some of our favourite party platters on Just Eat that are perfect for a chill night in with friends and a movie or as the delicious centrepiece for your kitchen table!

Fancy a Pizza Party?

Platter | Just Eat

We’re always going to be that friend who suggests having a pizza party over going out. We can’t help it, pizza is the best and we just want to share it with all of our friends. But when we heard about Pizza Yard – it changed everything. If the name didn’t give it all away; this is pizza… by the yard. Your eyes do not deceive you! You can combine three types of pizza if you order the Yard Pizza and you can take your pick from one seriously impressive menu. Some of our favourites include the Smoked Chicken Pizza, with fresh peppers and pancetta. The Quattro Formaggi Pizza which we all know is divine and the Chilli Gambari Pizza. Crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, prawns tossed in garlic and fresh chilli – delish! This is the perfect place to order from for a fun night in with family and friends.

Chow Down on Chinese

Platter | Just Eat

On pretty grey weeks, like the one we’re experiencing this week, there are few things that will put a pep in the step. However, put some aromatic Chinese goodness in front of us from Tsangs Chinese and life just got a whole lot more colourful! The Special Party Platter is what dreams are made of. This platter has the whole shebang – BBQ ribs, crispy spring rolls, spicy chicken balls, prawn crackers, chicken satay skewers, chicken wings. All topped off with potato wedges, and a curry sauce side. This and a movie night is literal bank holiday weekend perfection.

Dreamy Doughnuts

Platter | Just Eat

There’s always time for a sweet treat! Krispy Kreme is our go-to for doughnut deliciousness. We don’t really know what a doughnut platter is, to be honest, but we feel like a box of glazed heaven from Krispy Kreme fits the bill. So maybe you feel like celebrating the long weekend this Friday in work with a cheeky morning order to have with your coffee – we can guarantee your colleagues will hail you as the office hero! Or serve them up as a brunch-time treat on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Sushi for Sharing

Platter | Just Eat

This one might cause some issues. Mostly because we don’t like to share sushi because it’s far too good and it’s all ours! Hasu Japanese & Thai Takeaway have some really great sushi platters that are ideal for mixing and matching. The Haru Sushi Platter has 6 nigiri, 4 hosomaki, 4 uramaki by chef selection, we’re also fans of the Hanabi Sashimi Platter, which has 12 pieces sashimi. There is some vegetarian platter too that are certainly worth an order too. Sushi Sunday’s just became a thing! 

BBQ Bites

Platter | Just Eat

Summer might still be a few weeks (potentially even months) away – but that doesn’t mean you can’t start eating like it’s summer until then! My Meat Wagon is here to fulfil all of your barbeque needs. So invite your nearest and dearest round and take a look at their Meat On A Board selections! The Mixed Meat Board is the most versatile of the options with beef rib, chicken & pulled pork – plus your choice of 2 sides, we recommend the slaw and fries. The corn is also delish. The pork belly and pulled pork board is also a winner, ideal for a date night with your significant other or bestie.

Who knew there were so many party platters out there?! Having a weekend shindig just became a whole lot easier! So go on – celebrate the long weekend in delicious style with some perfect party platters delivered to your door by Just Eat. You can explore all of our other platters too on Just Eat.