Forget wine pairings… everyone knows that nothing goes better with top television than takeaway. Autumn brings a whole host of TV brilliance on our screens, check out our TV matches so you can curl up with the perfect delivery!

Order on Just Eat now!

Indian Takeaway Just Eat

X Factor and Indian Takeaway (ITV)

Lights, camera, order, action! Sing for your Samosas and enjoy an extra hot Vindaloo for X Factor time. We even have two brothers from Blessington, who are taking this years show by storm, come on lads, fly the flag for Ireland.

Chinese Takeaway Just Eat

Strictly Come Dancing & Chinese Takeaway (BBC)

Rice to see you to see you rice! Order your favourite Chinese flavours for Strictly on a Saturday! Maybe Giovanni has you in the mood for some Italian or a tango has got you craving something hot and spicy. Who’s your favourite? There are so many celebs to choose from, our money is on Aston!

Thai Takeaway Just Eat

Doctor Foster & Thai Takeaway

This gripping domestic drama calls for Thai “Green with envy” curry. Probably one of the most gripping TV programmes of 2017.

Mexican Takeaway Just Eat

Blind Date & Mexican Takeaway (TV3)

Let’s taco bout love and a lorra laughs with Al Porter with the nostalgic revival. Order beautiful Burritos for Blind Date to be wrapped up in love and extra Guacamole. This is one show that never fails to surprise!

Pizza Just Eat

Great British Bake Off & Pizza (Channel 4)

Grab a Pizza the action and order some delightful dough for Great British Bake Off. If italian week has put you in the mood for pizza perfection, we have you covered. Warning: Bake Off should not be enjoyed on an empty stomach.