The festive season is fully upon us and it can only mean one thing! Food, food and more food. We all know this time of year means meeting up with friends, having family over and indulging in some festive favourites as well as foodie delights. But this can always be challenging if you and gluten aren’t the best of friends.

Just Eat wants to ensure that even our gluten intolerant friends can indulge in some delicious eats over the festive period, so you don’t have to feel like you’re causing any fuss! We’ve picked out some of our top gluten-free dishes available to order to your door on Just Eat this festive season, sure to warm up any winters night.

Gluten-Free Gaeng Pet

Red Curry | Just Eat

This dish is most certainly going to get rid of those winter chills! Gaeng Pet is a rich red curry that carries one hell of a kick. This spicy curry is served with peppers, aubergine, string beans, bamboo shoots, more chilies, and sweet basil. You can also add your choice of meat depending on your personal tastes while there are vegetable and tofu options for your vegetarian friends and family. It’s hard to beat a spicy curry over the holiday period – there are only so many turkey sandwiches we can eat. Drop in your order with Saba To Go and see all of their gluten-free dishes.

Gluten-Free Thai Buster Salad

Thai Salad | Just Eat

Alright, so we may not associate salads with indulging over Christmas but hey – it’s nice to keep a balance and we’re all for this Thai salad. A refreshing mix of mixed leaves, avocado, raspberry, mango, blueberry, broccoli, orange, carrot, edamame, roasted mixed seeds topped with a ginger and orange dressing. You can also add smoked trout or tofu depending on what’s your preferred flavour. Sounds pretty refreshing to us! KOH Restaurant have a whole list of gluten-free dishes on their menu and we’re getting through trying them all and we suggest you do too!

Gluten-Free Back Draft Pizza

BBQ Pizza | Just Eat

Excuse me, did someone say gluten-free pizza? Indeed we did – and it’s delicious! Firehouse Pizza has a whole selection of pizzas that are coeliac friendly. One of our stand out pizzas that we love is the Back Draft Pizza – it has a smokey BBQ sauce base with a nice helping of mozzarella. Additional toppings include cheddar cheese, cajun chicken, red onion, mixed peppers, and chorizo. Sounds delicious right? Maybe it is time for a festive pizza party after all!

Gluten-Free Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips | Just Eat

It’s hard to beat a classic dish like fish and chips. This is one of our favourites to share with friends and family – you just can’t go wrong with ordering in a fish and chips feast. Even more so as Friars Takeaway have their own gluten-free version which is a gift in itself for the festive season. They also have a selection of other coeliac friendly meals that are perfect for one or sharing with a group.

Well, we honestly can’t wait to order in some of these gluten-free bites over the holidays. Even better as we don’t have to worry about any of our coeliac friends not being able to find anything. This is just a snippet of our gluten-free options – check out Just Eat for more.