What is your name? Sean Mc Donagh

Are you in good form? ah sure I’m not too bad thanks

How old are you ? 27 years young

What do you do? As in occupation – Nothing at the moment πŸ™

What part of this wonderful Island do you live in? I live in the

original capital of Ireland, Waterford. Up the Deise

What are you passionate about? I love motorbikes and of course my

girlfriend Pauline

Have you used Just-Eat.ie before? Yeah Im after using it a good few

times. nom nom nom

If so, what do you think of it? It’s great. Very handy.

How often would you order? Normally once a week but sometimes twice.

What is your favourite food? I love pizza’s.

Daddy or Chips? Em chips. I never ate me father

Why did you join our Fan Page? I’m addicted to joining pages haha

Did you hear of Just-Eat.ie prior to joining our Facebook Fan page?

Nope. I found ye through my friend on her Facebook

Do you like the way we communicate on Facebook? Yeah its brilliant.

Do you think we’re a cool brand? Anything that involves me getting food is cool.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer these few questions, we think you’re cool.

You’re not too bad yourself πŸ™‚