We all know the drill you get a menu through the letterbox. There’s about twenty of them, we gently sift through them and ultimately settle on trying out all the Chinese takeaways that deliver in the hope that we won’t be poisoned. When we hit one where it’s quite nice we often become creatures of habit with one number wired into the phone for our Saturday night feasting.
But lets be frank a simple change in personell or just a mistranslation by someone who has English as a second language can turn your Peking duck into a General Tsongs Chicken. A recent experience with a wrong order from my local Chinese take-away in Dublin had this exact problem. It could easily have been your local take-away in cork or the galway delivery of a pizzeria, the problems can be the same. So what to do about it?
I decided to check out ways of getting my order in without it being misinterpreted at all.


  • Going into the take-away and having them read the order back to me.

This worked quite well as I could correct things on the spot but lets be honest it does take some of the convenience out of take out food.

Verdict – Reliable but self defeating.

  • Carrier Pigeon

I tried this but none of the carrier pigeons ever came back and I never received my take-away. I’m presuming foul play or that the owner of a local sit-down restaurant has intercepted them with an air-gun. Also pigeons make a mess in your living room and may get you into trouble with your landlord.

Verdict – Unreliable and slightly messy.

  • An Post

This method didn’t work although I think that may be because the take-away may have thought it was a wind-up. Problems here are registered post is expensive and also mailing the restaurant takes a little of the spontaneity out of the take away meal.

Verdict – Reliable but untimely and expensive

  • Online Restaurants

Seemed like a good idea and not bad if an individual restaurant has a system and if everyone wants the same kind of food.

Verdict – Reliable but limited

  • Just-Eat.ie

This seems really the answer to all my prayers. I type in the order myself, I pay the money they deliver. No delays, no mistakes and no pigeon droppings or feathers.

Verdict – Feed me
So there you have it folks Just-eat.ie it’s better than the post or carrier pigeons for getting you what you want when you want it.