Friday night in our household means only one thing: takeaway night!  It’s become a bit of a ritual now with us as a way of welcoming the weekend.  Last Friday was no different, with us deciding to order a takeaway using the Just Eat ordering & delivery service.

Ordering with JustEat couldn’t be simplier.  After logging on to their website and typing in our area, we were presented with a whole host of choices from Chinese to Indian, Chipper to Thai.  We decided to order from Roberto’s Italian in Donaghmede as my partner fancied a pizza and I was in the mood for a pasta dish.
Ordering is so simple – you just click what you want, put in your details and choose to pay either by cash or by card online.  The card payment option has come in as a lifesaver for us on evenings where we’ve realised we don’t have the cash on us and saved us a trip to the nearest ATM!

Although I love Italian food, I actually have an allergy to cheese.  But this wasn’t a worry as Just Eat have a section where you can write comments to the chef to make him aware of this.  I made sure to put that I couldn’t have any cheese on my dish.  I ordered the Spaghetti Bolognaise and my partner order a 10″ Pizza.  We also ordered some sides of garlic bread and Italian sytle roast potatoes (greedy I know!).

After 30 minutes there was a knock on the door and our food had arrived.  As we paid by card we just had to sign the receipt to show we had received our order.

The food was delicious – just check the photo’s for proof of that!!  The chef had noticed my comment about my allergies and there was no cheese near my dish.  The Italian style roast potatoes in particular were gorgeous!! It’s safe to say we had two clean plates by the end of our dinner!

We would order quite regularly from Just Eat and have to say the service is always brilliant.  It makes ordering your takeaway that little bit easier and we haven’t had a bad meal from any of the takeaways on their system.  Thanks especially to Roberto’s for always noticing my comments about my cheese allergy – it’s much appreciated!

Now to decide what takeaway to have this Friday…. 😉